[ Free Audible ] Blockchain Technology: Introduction to Blockchain Technology and its impact on Business EcosystemAuthor Stephen Fleming – Schematicwiringdiagram.co

Larry Summers US Former Treasury Secretary once exclaimed, 40 years from now, Blockchain and all that followed from it will figureprominently in that story than will Bitcoin.This is the essence of my interest and research in Blockchain Technology Most of the discussions or information is about Bitcoin investing and its implications on Fintech sector But what if you havein depth curiosity likeHow would Blockchain Technology impact the day to day lives of common peopleHow could the government leverage the Blockchain Technology to improve the service deliveryHow would the existing businesses be impacted and integrated with this new TechnologyHow the current Businesses and Jobs would be transformedWhat are the other sectors where this Technology have been Implemented The answer to these questions would pave the way for your future research of the topic It would also help you to stay ahead of the race by learning the relevant applications of Blockchain Technology My book is an attempt to understand and look Blockchain Technology beyond investing