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Advice and words of wisdom from the greatest American businessman and philanthropistJohn D Rockefeller is considered to be the wealthiest man to have ever lived, after adjusting for inflation An American businessman who made his wealth as a cofounder and leading figure of the Standard Oil Company, he also had a pivotal role in creating our modern system of philanthropyCollected in John D Rockefeller on Making Money are the words from the man himself, offering advice on how to successfully start and manage a booming business, as well as the most efficient ways to preserve your wealth once you have acquired it These quotes also cover Happiness in the face of great wealthMoney and its effectsThoughts on facing public criticismThoughts on big business in the USAIncluded are John D Rockefellers thoughts on the most sage and conscientious manner of distributing and sharing your wealth when your wealth is overflowing Finally, we get a glimpse into Rockefellers life with the inclusion of some of his most personal correspondence