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Middle managers are constantly plagued by pressure from senior management and the demands of their own staff members The last thing they need are unruly employees whose chronic negative attitudes upset the office equilibrium Managing Difficult People provides managers with personality profiles of the ten most common types of difficult people from sneaky slackers to resident office tormentors The author offers positive, proactive approaches for targeting telltale behavior and putting an end of office strife Managing Difficult People helps readers identify and deal with personality types such as The Bully The Complainer or Whiner The Procrastinator The Know it All The No People Skills Person The Social Butterfly The Rookie The Manipulator The Overly Sensitive Person The Silent Type Regardless of the situation, this book gives managers the tools they need to respond properly and take control

6 thoughts on “Managing Difficult People: A Survival Guide for Handling Any Employee: 14

  1. Dr. Jose Cruz Dr. Jose Cruz says:

    I like the book Very straightforward to the subject I just think it could be dense But I recommend it.

  2. G. Fraser G. Fraser says:

    I had high hopes for this book on the surface it covers a number of adverse personality types and in the opening chapters gives the impression that it s going to be packed full of useful information for dealing with each.However, when you actually get in to the sections regarding the different personality types the book the key sections for which I bought this book things go a bit flat in many cases it doesn t provide any new ideas or insights in to what causes people to develop those traits or how to not just deal with the traits but reverse and remove them.If you ve never managed anyone before or you work at an easy going company where stress levels are always low, this book might be of some use However, if you ve been managing for a while you ll already know everything this book describes and if you re in a stressful environment you ll likely fall flat on your face trying to apply the things this book suggests.I would have liked to find out about what leads people to have various personality traits and how to actively help people overcome those traits so they could live a fuller life both at work and outside work The book makes a few small attempts at this in places, but not nearly enough.To summarise, I wouldn t recommend this book unless you are very new to management or work in an unnaturally low stress environment.

  3. Rolf Dobelli Rolf Dobelli says:

    You can learn how to handle problem employees three ways figure it out for yourself, get a great mentor or read this book Designed primarily for managers rather than human resources professionals, it s a handy guide to different problem personalities Author Marilyn Pincus provides several alternative solutions for how to counter each type s negative influence on your organization Her clear writing and thoughtful organization make the book even useful While author Pincus doesn t provide detailed advice on the legal and procedures aspects of employment, she does tell you when the ice is getting thin enough to seek the advice of professionals We strongly prescribe her book to help bring managerial blood pressure readings back into the normal range.

  4. Ken Ken says:

    Good review of previously published thinking on this subject Nothing new.

  5. RDExpert RDExpert says:

    A good book This has helped me This book is well thought out I would highly recommend this book for beginner supervisors Make sure to make highlights throughout the book It is a big help for a quick reference if you need a boost during a difficult day.

  6. Maralee Garrison Maralee Garrison says:

    I bought this book for my husband who is a team leader, and looking to gain some insight into dealing with some difficult personalities, in the workplace He has been at a loss as to how to approach the guys, without making it even problematic He was open to reading this book to look for any suggestions.He said that is a well written book, is easy to follow along with, is able to hold his interest so that he may finish reading it, is not too lengthy or drawn out He read the book quickly over our vacation and will be trying a few of the techniques out He said much of the advice did seem to be common sense to him, but he felt he learned from the book.Perhaps if you re coming home from work exhausted and stressed out from dealing with your team by days end, this book may have some ways in which to improve your future workdays Overall, my husband is glad to have read it and that I ordered it for him.