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We had a whole semester based on this book during my Master s and its was super informative Loved the way Mr.Kawasaki writes down with humor. After having read other books by Kawasaki, such as Enchantment, this book seems a bit redundant The level of insight is not always at the top, but some hints are certaintly worth reading I believe this book appeals to wannabe entrepreneurs, and can be used mostly as a sort of manual , and opened at need.Probably longer than needed.Yet, it is still a product of one of the greatest minds of Silicon Valley, and I think it still is a book worth having a look at. Guy did it again Really well laid out book, lots of insights and practical tips about being an entrepreneur in the digital world Special kudos to the non profit ending section Be an evangelist, read this book and change the world once again it was smart doing purchase at.co.uk.The book will help to believe believe and confirm your mind.It makes your act easy and free It is fun. This is one of the most outta world books that one can purchase, the introduction itself will tell a tale so enchanting that you will be hooked forever. Mit diesem Buch k nnen Sie gesammelte Weisheit erwerben Zwar geht es um das Thema Startup und Venture Capital basierte Firmen, aber das wor ber Guy Kawasaki schreibt, taugt auch als umfangreiche und auf Erfahrung basierende Sammlung von Ratschl gen f r alle, die im Berufsleben erfolgreich sein wollen.Er gibt gute und praxisrelevante Tipps und ist auch sehr direkt und ehrlich in Bezug auf alle m glichen Illusionen, die man so haben k nnte und hier hei t es ehrlich zu sich selbst sein Don t be boring, don t waste peoples time, be nice, be brief, present solutions not problems, don t bullshitake people usw.Gutes Buch, gut zu lesen, viel interessantes und relevantes Wissen von jemandem der im eigenen Berufsleben viele Erfahrungen gesammelt hat. I found a lot of advices for improving as a person, as a professional and as entrepreneur If I were able to apply successfully just an advice per year in the next ten years I could consider myself a successful person. Lu 75% mais d j je peux dire que c est le meilleur de tous sans doute de l auteur lui m me, j en ai lu 2 autres et tous auteurs confondus sur l entrepreneurship Deux autres tr s bons livres sont Startup An Insider s Guide to Launching and Running a Business de Kevin Ready plus technique et Zero to one de Thiel plus un essai Des tonnes de conseils, pratiques, r alistes souvent dr les Des check listes Oubliez les critiques des grincheux et foncez NB il y a des vid os sur Youtube o l auteur r p te ses conseils. Entrepreneurs face terrible odds Conceiving a new idea for a business and raising the start up funds is hard Executing your business plan is harder The reality of most businesses is that after a short honeymoon periodeverything seems to go wrong The typical new business encounters problems such as slumping sales, unexpected expenses and personnel issues Limited support from venture capitalists, management consultants, lawyers and other professionals compound the challenges facing developing companies While their products and services may be different, many fledgling firms share common problems Preparing for likely stresses is the best way to contain them Despite some material that might soon be outdated and a somewhat salty style, getAbstract recommends this book to entrepreneurs seeking advice based on experience and uncommon sense. For a quarter of a century, in his various guises as an entrepreneur, evangelist, venture capitalist and guru, Guy Kawasaki has cast an irreverent eye on the dubious trends, sketchy theories and outright foolishness of what so often passes for business today Too many people frantically chase the Next Big Thing only to discover that all they ve made is the Last Big Mistake Reality Check is Kawasaki s all in one guide for starting and operating great organisations ones that stand the test of time and ignore any passing fads in business theory