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Alchemy is an ancient path of spiritual transformation through which practitioners aim to purify themselves by eliminating the base material of the self and achieving the gold of enlightenment In ALCHEMY AT WORK, Cassandra Eason applies the age old art of alchemy to the modern workplace and offers new methods of attaining career happiness and prosperity Drawing on our ancestors powerful connections to seasonal, lunar, and solar cycles, Eason clearly and accessibly explains how to develop your intuitive powers to maximize opportunities, protect yourself from negative attitudes by following traditional folk remedies, tap into proven divinatory systems to formulate strategies for the future, andNo matter what your job is, you will harmonize your inner rhythms with those of the business world and take control of your destiny for asuccessful and satisfying career.A guide to using the ancient art of alchemy as a means of achieving career satisfaction and prosperity, from a renowned British author and psychic.Features sections on visualization and breathing exercises, automatic writing, numerology, aura and dream interpretation, divination, totem animals, white magic, and muchStart Media Reviews

3 thoughts on “Alchemy at Work: Using the Ancient Arts to Enhance Your Work Life

  1. Jo Pilsworth Jo Pilsworth says:

    I bought this book after talking with the author at Witchfest 2004 in London Whilst the tone is American it was written for that audience , this does not detract from the content I am not sure that a conservative office would take to some of the ideas, but it does not prevent the individual from using dowsing, I Ching or any of the other suggestions made in this book Having said that, some of the group exercises suggested sound a lot interesting than some of the warm up games I have endured at sales meetings The book also serves as a good background, from which it is possible to research further.All in all, I would recommend this book highly.

  2. Connie Ness Connie Ness says:

    I got this book at the library and liked it so much The work environment, at least from my point of view is beginning to change positively.

  3. Jo Pilsworth Jo Pilsworth says:

    I would recommend this book both to those who work in an office and those who work from home.I bought the book at the recommendation of the author, after meeting her at Witchfest International 2004 in London Once you read past the slightly American terminology it was written for the American market, I think , this book has a lot of useful information I find it useful particularly for those moments when I have been asked to explain why I work in a certain way, because that way appears to generate the right sort of results There is a good level of humour involved, so that the subject matter does not come across as too heavy, or, for that matter, too weird The suggested exercises are not too complex, which meant that I was likely to give them a go Those chapters which referred to topics with which I was unfamiliar have provided a decent grounding, which I can take further if I so wish The appendices are fairly comprehensive for the subject matter covered in the book.All in all, a very interesting twist to the usual improve your work life type of book.