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Whereas Volume I of the Busy People series introduces the most basic patterns for constructing simple sentences in Japanese, Volume II aims to provide students with the foundational skills for formingcomplex expressions that will enable them to further advance their command of the language As you look through this workbook, therefore, you will probably notice that the Japanese presented in the back is considerablydifficult than what appears toward the front Put another way, this means that by successfully completing the materials covered in Volume II and in the workbook, you will be able to proceed from survival level all the way to intermediate and even advanced fluencyThis book has been designed as a supplement you use it after completing each lesson in the main text in order to confirm your mastery of the grammar presented therein and enhance your ability to understand and carry out communicative tasks related to the topics covered Toward this end, it has been written to be slightlyadvanced, and faster paced, than the main text while also dealing with topics a little outside those already found in the Target Dialogues and Speaking Practice sectionsAJALT was recognized as a nonprofit organization by Japans Ministry of Education inIt was established to meet the needs of people who wish to communicate effectively in Japanese InAJALT was awarded the Japan Foundation Special Prize They are the authors of the Japanese for Young People series and Japanese for Professionals

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