Value Added Tax: International Practice and Problems Prime –

This book is an examination of VAT It looks at problems and theoretical options and potential impacts, as well as detailing the practical aspects of implementing new tax structures The author advances arguments for and against alternative policies and illustrates his study with international examples from Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Pacific He suggests that countries can learn from each other s experiences with VAT.

2 thoughts on “Value Added Tax: International Practice and Problems

  1. Francis Francis says:

    I don t have much to say but I call this book a reference guide for VAT worldwide Recommended to academicians and practitioners.

  2. Candy Candy says:

    I purchased this book for my tax subject If I purchased this book in Sydney, I would pay double of the price listed on When I chose the standard delivery takes up to 2 months to deliver to Sydney , I didn t expect to receive the item much earlier until the end of 2 months timeframe By surprise, it arrived in Sydney within 3 weeks and I could use the book for my subject now The quality of this book is definitely worth the price I paid for.