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Iain s books are always a good read and pay for themselves many times over in tax savings. Another super useful practical book for property investors Updates the previous book although does not replace it, with the tax changes from April 2016 Highly recommended. This book was packed with real money saving tips if you have a BTL property, or are considering buying one, it is the best investment you can make I picked up some points on allowable expenses that mean I will have c5k of allowable expenses I was not aware of that is a 2k tax saving for a 10 investment of money and a few hours of reading time. Great update to the last edition Highly recommended This is a timely book, with detailed and relevant tax advice Although it s a property tax book, it goes beyond property by providing inheritance tax advice Highly recommended This is without a doubt, one of the best Property Investor Tax books I have ever read. I bought Iain s first book and it continues to help and remains a source if reference, packed with top tips as it is.Like many landlords the changes to interest tax relief clause 24 is causing me concern and as ever you read so much on forums and social media about what you can and can t do so i was delighted to see this book published.This book takes you through the challenges that we as landlords face though i took great comfort from don t panic and yes we ve time to sort out our affairs.I enjoy this engaging style, the way that he could make tax fun and i m beginning to have a much better idea on what steps to take.As an added bonus i got tax relief on the purchase A must read and i urge you to buy this book if you are involved with property. Since the JulyBudget, the Chancellor continues to throw challenges at UK Buy to Let investors Clauserestricting the availability of interest tax relief, the abolition of the % wear and tear allowance, changes to stamp duty and dividends are causing significant tremors in the BTL sector This book builds on Iain sBestseller Legally Avoid Property Taxes which includes fifty one tax tips that you should be aware of to legally avoid tax whether you do your own self assessment returns or pass everything over to your accountant I want to make absolutely sure that you ve not left any money on the HMRC table This book is a review of what significant changes have been brought about by theBudget, how you can make sense of these changes and what you can do to lessen the impact of direct taxation on your property portfolio Thebudget, wherever you are on your property journey, has made changes that will impact on you and I want to make sure that you don t just stumble across them Armed with the correct knowledge, they can be dealt with How you a property investor deal with these significant changes as with anything in life will determine your success in property For some there will be massive short term pain that may require a complete review of why they invest in property, but through that pain may come clarity and long term gain, some part time landlords may choose to exit the market and for others a bit of tweaking will be all that is required You to be aware of the pain that taxation can cause you because when you are aware of that pain you take action But then you knew that anyway, didn t you To avoid tax requires careful planning but, above all, it requires you to take action In this book you will learn how the tax changes will impact on you and how you can prepare yourself to deal with them You will gain clarity on the great debate should I put my property in a limited company Above all you will arm yourself with all the knowledge to continue to invest in property to legally avoid property taxes and so protect and increase your wealth Iain Wallis has created a niche accountancy and tax practice that deals solely with high net worth individuals delivering sound tax advice and tax strategies that avoid and thus save thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax He prides himself on his down to earth manner and the ability to make tax fun Here s just one verified review on his fisrt book Iain Wallis really knows his stuff vital info on avoiding property taxes, claiming what is legally allowed and explains it in a clear, entertaining and succinct way Really like the use of case studies throughout the book too A must buy for all property investors and entrepreneurs like us