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Give your children a head start at primary school with this essential wipe clean activity bookA fun and engaging First Numbers activity book that will give children a head start as they get to grips with numbers and counting at school Designed to complement the National Curriculum, it gently introduces children to number recognition and counting skills and equips parents with the tools and information needed to support them The consultant approved activities are fun to do and combined with funny pictures and silly jokes that children will love The first steps to school success This book includes Carefully crafted activities that reinforce number writing practice and recognition Lots of fun counting exercises fromtoWipe clean pen Also available First Phonics, First Writing, First Day, Times Tables Flash Cards, First Phonics Flash Cards My 3 year old daughter and I love wipe clean books They allow her to practice her mark making skills over and over and she feels grown up using a pen.This book introduces writing numbers Numbers 1 10 get one page each with several numbers to trace over with guidance on how to write them correctly and some simple counting activities eg circle 4 red cars, count the stars, draw ten flowers Numbers 11 20 are then listed on a double page with items to count and one practice number to trace Then there s a double page scene with items to count and the final page gives a last set of numbers to trace The numbers are a good size for early writers to manage.There s plenty to do and it s nice and colourful, but I m not especially keen on the binding as the cover is plain card, so not wipeable, and it s just stapled together You will need to remove the pen storage pack from the cover to use the book. Great little work book My child is only 3 so we are doing it together but she loves that she can wipe it clean She s finding it easy to recognise groups of things and likes talking about the pictures This is a brilliant book It s a wipe clean activity book which covers the numbers from 1 20 and explores different ways of counting and practising them.The wipe clean pages are excellent quality We ve had this style of book before and the pages lose their finish quickly and get spoiled This won t do that The pen that is included is a whiteboard style one which wipes away easily It has a lid with an inbuilt eraser to make cleaning the page easy and has a plastic compartment on the cover which it fits neatly into.My daughter has just started school and she loves number work so this book has been getting a lot of use in our house It s really helping her with her number formation and she loves counting and then writing the appropriate number The book is designed in a way so she manages to get it right a lot There is an excellent mixture of straight number formation and complex puzzles A great book for the 3 6 age group. OK, so my subject is not yet starting school, but she seemed to like it, so the fact that you could write on it and had the added novelty of wiping off what you had written.I too had the same problem as other reviewers in that the plastic container that houses the pen means that half the book won t sit flat on the table You have to remove this carefully, it s glued, but then you end up with a big hole in the book That doesn t stop it working though and my pupil happily drew round the numbers and then demanded I rubbed everything out.Very basic, but a good idea to get a little one using a pen correctly and for them to be able to write and re use Can t think what s not to like Encourages small children to practice writing numbers and also counting each page has small corresponding pictures so you can count too Not too long so boredom won t set in either. This is a really good idea a colourful early learning book with wipe clean pages Numerals can be practised over and over again The wipe clean pad attached to the pen works really well and there is no trace of ink remaining We have had to explain carefully to J that this magic only works on this special book and he mustn t try to use the pen on anything else The colourful book also gives lots of opportunities for counting practice.However there is a design fault The accompanying marker pen is attached to the cover via a plastic container But the alternative pages cannot be used as the container which is glued in place prevents the page from lying flat We managed to remove this container with only the minimum of tearing Now the hole in the cover of the book spoils its appearance.However a really nice idea and would buy other books in the series. My 4 year old daughter loved this book She is just starting to write but following the exercises has helped with the proper way to write letters and numbers top to bottom and left to right There are also other activities to help with hand coordination And best of all, it is wipeable You just need any tissue to wipe it Don t use baby wipes as this takes longer to dry.The design is not great though The marker is on the front cover which means you cannot use the left side of the book properly, as it cannot be rested flat on the table I have bought similar books where the marker is attached to a string from the book spine which uses a spiral type one, which I found much better. This is a good way to help pre schoolers learn numbers and practise writing them My 4 year old has enjoyed using this and is learning new skills Very happy with purchase.