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Folk tales and fairy stories from all over the world are collected together in this gorgeous international anthology which brings together The Frog Who Became an Emperor from China, The Three Billy Goats Gruff from Norway, and Pinocchio from Italy as well as the classic stories of Aesop, Andersen, the Grimm Brothers, Charles Perrault and Oscar Wilde, among many others Illustrated by various artists, this beautiful Macmillan Collector s Library edition of Best Fairy Stories of the World, edited by Marcus Clapham, features illustrations including Arthur Rackham, Charles Robinson, Walter Crane and Howard Pyle and many other masters of the genre, which will appeal to both adults and childrenDesigned to appeal to the booklover, the Macmillan Collector s Library is a series of beautiful gift editions of much loved classic titles Macmillan Collector s Library are books to love and treasure

9 thoughts on “Best Fairy Stories of the World (Macmillan Collector's Library)

  1. Spike Spike says:

    I got this book today and obviously have not read all of it, however i have rad some stories from it and i can tell you that the stories are brilliant, they are the most popular ones from all around the world for example hansel and gretelpinochiothe ugly ducklingthree little pigsbeauty and the beastlittle red riding hudand many many that you will love.It is a great published book, it is pocket size which i find handy, the edges of the pages ar couloured golden, the pages are thin but i lkike that and it includes a ribbon bookmark.Please dont buy this for small children as their arent coulered illustrations, large text or simple wordshowever for me i wanted to read and learn about the classic fairy tales and this is perfect for me.I also reccomend you get fairy tales by hans christian anderson published by penguin the deluxe version is beautyfull and grimm tales written by the grimm bothers and addapted by the other author, this is also published by penguin.Once you own all three of these books you will have a complete collection of essential fairy tales.This book is great

  2. GT GT says:

    I hadn t fully read the description so was a bit surprised when a pocket sized book arrived I originally chose the book because I was looking for some pre Raphaelite illustrations to share with my children, I remember being fascinated with them when I was a child There are a few in this book but not many so my search continues The pages are very thin, like modern bible paper, and gilt edged, however, because of the size of the actual book, the print is tiny and the illustrations are small This collection includes stories from around the world, like the Australian Bunyip, and Aladdin is set in China My children ages 2 and 4 enjoy listening to the shorter stories, but haven t the patience for the longer ones we haven t been able to tackle Cinderella or the Little Mermaid I think it will be a real treasure once they can read on their own Would ve given it 5 stars had it been larger in size, suppose that s my own fault for not reading the description.

  3. Michael Cunnington Michael Cunnington says:

    Again this is a throwback to my childhood and I still get great enjoyment from renewing my formative years with these great stories proving that they are not just for the younger reader

  4. AC AC says:

    This is an adorable looking book It doesn t look as refined as the newer editions but it is still very cute My review is on the Collector s Library Best Fariy Stories of the World The pages aren t the best, they are a little thin but that s fine The fonts are a size or two larger than the bible The illustrations are all in black and white and they are slightly blurry but honestly I don t mind They ve a good collection of story too

  5. sadovidsporn.co Customer sadovidsporn.co Customer says:

    Excellent book Suitable for gift on bday of kids.

  6. Dennis Sison Dennis Sison says:

    This book is going to live or die based on how you like the book s size It s about the size of a small prayer book and can easily fit in a man s back pocket I have done this several times The typeface is rather tiny I just recently started wearing reading glasses, and I can read them just fine The selection is about what you would expect from a general fairy tale collection, with several long form stories parked next to some shorter fare I love that I can easily toss this into a pocket, my wife s purse ok, to be fair, I could probably toss much larger books in there , or a glove compartment for hours of reading pleasure Again, if you think you re going to have an issue with the volume s minuscule size, avoid at all costs Otherwise, it s a very well put together book that s just smaller than your average bear.

  7. bookwm bookwm says:

    This review is for Best Fairy Stories of the World ISBN 978 1509826636.Very well made book, nice print and bonding, with many lovely black and white illustrations.Great value for a little book.This is one of the books from Macmillan Collector s library, but not all of them have the same printing quality.

  8. Yaaj Yaaj says:

    I bought this to add to my MacMillan s book collection The stories are wonderful.

  9. alice alice says:

    A must have book My son loves it.