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In a dusty room, inside a wizard s house beside the river Thames, an easy boat journey from 16th century Tudor London, a great secret lay hidden A magical object from ancient Babylon, guarded by enchanters Some of them trainees One act of betrayal One broken heart One time travel disk One Thief That was all it took to bring pain and fear to 21st century London A city without defences against shadow magic A city where twelve year old Ben and Tayo slept through the robbery, dreaming of England and Nigeria s chances in the upcoming World Cup football tournament How could this object cause problems It was only a tiny crystal ball The Magician s Fire is a London fairy tale for pre teens and anyone of any age who is interested in the latest magical upgrades and developments It also gives an autistic child the chance to be a hero.

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  1. Zapple Zapple says:

    If you re looking for a book for your children or slugs ages 9 that delves into a bit of English history around the Elizabethan era, if you re looking for something that has magic and fantasy, uses the wonderful British Museum as a prime location, has well written action and something that s a little different then I d highly recommend The Magician s Fire ZiyZo You re not going to get your usual book as the author herself is probably rather unusual and who doesn t like quirky The author obviously knows a lot about magic, spells and things of that nature which is rather worrying come to think of it.I d imagine that if you or your children liked Harry Potter then they d love this, however there s something real about this I understand that this is the first in the series so hopefully we will see many Get into it and begin the journey of online dragon chasing Just don t attempt to chase slugs as they don t like it and will slime you.

  2. Thanagma (book-reader) Thanagma (book-reader) says:

    A magical book with many good points, but also a few down sides.On the positives, the story is great exciting, descriptive, a lot of drama I liked the characters of Ellie and most of the children in particular how Jess came out from her mother s shadow and developed through the book The writing flows naturally and the setting is good.However there are many somewhat unlikely parts to the story Not the magic magic is supposed to be magical But for example how often can the children escape from the same two security guards And even after they ve escaped several times, the security guard catches them yet again and says things like I ve definitely got you this time, now I ll just nip to the next door office and leave you alone but there s no way you can get out.On the character side, while some of the characters are great, others are weak stereotypes not believable Louise as the overbearing mother, the strangers who pass the children and make comments like This boy is undoubtedly deranged like all modern children, crazed by computer games and junk food Also Ben now I ve never myself been a teenage boy, but I struggled to accept that even by the end he could be quite so gullible as to still believe in the game and disregard all the warnings from his friends that things feel wrong.It s lovely that Sammy Ben s brother who has autism is realistically written, and also the affection between the brothers is lovely But Sammy does spend most of the book locked away, and also it seems unlikely that the family have never realised that Sammy is calmed by music.It is well written in terms of the flow of the sentences, but it could do with a really good edit, and preferably proper chapters in the Kindle edition.Overall, it does have a bit of a new author feel to it, and it s hovering between 3 and 4 but I d be very happy to read a follow up, so I ve gone for 4.

  3. Nat79 Nat79 says:

    Well I m a fully grown adult, responsible day job, mother to one relatively sensible but still HAD to stay up to gone midnight to see how this book endedand it ended with potential for a follow on book Yippee Well written, this book paints pictures in your imagination and is full of adventure, colour, magic and dragons with a little history thrown in What could any self respecting reader want The pages practically turned themselves I m a mixed fan of indie authors They range from Seriously go back to your day job to Stunning why has no publisher snapped it up and everything in between This one definitely falls into the Stunning category.If you ve missed my pointI LOVED THIS BOOK Buy it, read it, love it toochokengtitiktitikchokengs it is a children s YA book I m guessing about 10yrs up to 100 lol

  4. Kinsman Bookworm Gang Kinsman Bookworm Gang says:

    They say that you can tell when you have read a truly great book, because of the sadness you feel when you read the last page and have to leave the other world of your book behind I have just finished The Magician s Fire, and am feeling that sense of sadness, accompanied by the hope that the next book in this series will be out soon This story by Mary Josefina Cade is cleverly put together, and a pleasure to read It weaves together the ideas of old magic, new magic utilising the crystals of mobile phones , ancient Egyptian mythology, and time travel of kids from Tudor times intertwining all of these into the lives of four kids from the 21st Century.With dragons, ancient birds, and a nasty villain thrown into the mix, get ready for some fast paced action We watch the children s characters developing before our eyes seeing heros and heroines materialising from unexpected places The kids themselves are surprised to find that, however dysfunctional or unusual they see their families, it is these people who matter most to them when true peril materialises I particularly loved the sensitive, yet realistic, way that the author portrays the relationship between Ben and his younger autistic brother, Sammy A good way to help introduce children to autism, and to the idea that children who behave differently should be accepted as they are, not feared or ridiculed in any way.A great book Highly recommended as an exciting, fast paced read for kids

  5. Hobbit Hobbit says:

    Magician s Fire offers the reader magic, adventure and a very strong creative vision The use of magic combined with modern technology is extremely clever and a experienced a definite i wish I d thought of that moment The setting of the dysfunctional family, the museum, artefacts egyptian gods and 16th century backgrounds combined with magic created a strong foundation in which the story functioned The Thief was my personal favourite and though some people don t like internal dialogue whether used for exposition or otherwise I love it as I find it grounds the character.The fast adventure is perfect for children and I shall be lending my kindle to my daughter as she loves magic, dragons and if she ingests a bit of history as well all the better Highly recommended and I look forward to the next book