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Voil is a beginner French programme for use in the classroom or for self study This Course Pack includes the full colour coursebook and two audio CDsStart to learn French with this third edition of the Voil course perfect for business and general learners This practical and fun course gives you the confidence to communicate and understand Covering a wealth of subjects you ll learn the French you need for useful everyday life Greetings and introductions Travelling around France Going to the bank Shopping and eating out Making arrangements Sending email and making phone calls Preparing CVs and going for interviewsThe coursebook has a range of key learning features Activities based on genuine work and leisure situations Authentic materials such as menus, adverts and brochures InfoFrance panels give comprehensive details on all key topics Information on French business topics throughout Grammar and vocabulary summaries at the end of each lesson Review sections to help track your progressThe course covers all the skills, structures and topics required for NVQ level

13 thoughts on “Voilà (3rd edition) A French Course for Adult Beginners: Course Pack (Book & CD)|Book & CD (Voilà)

  1. Teeen Teeen says:

    Only one fault Once I received the book I realised there is an audio version The book itself is clearly laid out and follows my French course perfectly Just wish I had known about the CD extra before I ordered I can now add to this review in that I have forked out for an extra copy One with the CD included Just wish I d known this before purchasing the first time

  2. Arash Hesami Arash Hesami says:

    A learning book without its CD for a new learner makes no sense and the publisher ddidn t provide it after 3 times, I contacted them

  3. Charles Charles says:

    As mentioned by other reviewers, this book does not include CDs, which makes no sense as the book includes many exercises asking you to listen to the audio Unfortunately I did not read the reviews as was buying it on recommendation and did not realise the audio formed an integral part of the lessons Otherwise it looks like a good beginners book.

  4. JJR JJR says:

    I would give it 5 stars if it came with the audio discs but, as it is, there are a number of activities I now can t do properly.

  5. Diana Breitmaier Diana Breitmaier says:

    The CDs for the book were missing which makes the book rather useless

  6. a parry a parry says:

    This book is very good but I should have bought the CD to go with it as there is a lot of listening to do before responding to the questions asked.

  7. Maria D. Maria D. says:

    Very good Arrived on time.

  8. H J H H J H says:

    Good book for Improvers at French classes or home studies I found it moves quite quickly Modern French with really useful phrases It was the class book at evening classes for Us.

  9. Cliente de circuitwiringdiagram.co Cliente de circuitwiringdiagram.co says:

    versi n del libro sin el cd de audio necesario para avanzar en las secciones para un autoaprendizaje Lo devolv sin problemas.

  10. Laura Bonazzoli Laura Bonazzoli says:

    This book was required for my evening class in beginning French I find it disorganized and cluttered Every time I open it, I feel as if I m entering a junk shop, with several different types of features, word lists, cartoons, and logos jumbled together on every page, each shouting for attention, and with almost no blank page space to rest the eyes Looks as if the book s interior designer was on speed Moreover, some vocabulary words used in the book are never defined, even at the back of the book, making a separate dictionary essential In some cases, just one or two forms of a verb are presented such as first person singular and second person plural and then the full conjugation of the verb isn t covered for another ten or twenty pages My instructor didn t order the book, but inherited it from another teacher She doesn t like it either, for similar reasons Occasionally we jump around in the book in order to cover a single concept completely Unless this book has been assigned to you, I would not purchase it The sole reason I didn t give it a one star rating is that the accompanying CD is helpful and the voices certainly sound authentic.

  11. SZ SZ says:

    Before I purchased it, I noticed that there are two ISBNs under the name of this book so based on that misleading 2 ISBNs I assumed it should include the audio CD However, it does not come with the audio CD and could not find 3rd edition CD to match this book on The book itself looks very well and user friendly..Just I don t think student can purely imagine French prounouciation in the head to learn the real French

  12. david ward david ward says:

    Arrived okay in good condition The book is fine for adult beginners French.

  13. Suzanne Ramirez Suzanne Ramirez says:

    Good book Arrived quickly.