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In Why Must I Do As I m Told , Hugo doesn t want to go to bed even though his mum has told him to He wants to keep playing basketball, so why must he always to as he s told This books explores why children should do what they are told and the circumstances in which it is sensible to not do as you re told Children will recognise the characters from the Cbeebies series, What s The Big IdeaThis series introduces children to philosophy by exploring different emotions and ideas through a variety of amusing and familiar situations Each book aims to promote thinking skills in its readers developing their questioning of the world around them and encouraging them to make up their own minds The books include discussion notes for parents or educators

5 thoughts on “Why Must I Do As I'm Told? (What's the Big Idea?)

  1. Corinne Corinne says:

    Nice illustration but confusing story

  2. Lily Lily says:

    As I am just about to embark on using philosophy with children in school, this is a welcome resource There is an accompanying series on BBC where you can play short films about various Big Ideas This is a short book with lots of colourful pictures It has a number of interesting and thought provoking ideas throughout and really is to be used as a stimulus to get children thinking, in this case, about whether or not they should always do as they are told and be obedient I like the way that there is an encouragement to get children to think for themselves and to question things There is a useful prompt page at the end of the book.

  3. kinggx kinggx says:

    I have mixed feelings about this book I think the idea is a good one to encourage children to think about the why of their actions But the way it is communicated through the book is just a bit, well, dull There is no story to speak of, just a series of scenarios, and the illustrations are not very inspiring The lack of an interesting narrative means this is not a book the kids want to come back to.Check out the Behaviour Matters books they are much better.

  4. lilysmum lilysmum says:

    As a teacher of autistic students I find this a useful book for social story type work Some students with Aspergers feel that they shouldn t have to do homework, because they associate school work with school, and their rigid thinking prevents them from accepting homework as a necessary part of life This book helps answer those types of questions by going through the various consequences It s not comical but just very practical and useful More suitable for primary age children than secondary age.

  5. Mrs Christine Mrs Christine says:

    Lovely book Delivered quick