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The Sword in the Stone In Britain, in the days of old, there lived a powerful wizard called Merlin who had deep and ancient magic within him One day, he looked into the future and saw a great darkness coming So he set out to visit the king of the Britons The king s name was Uther Pendragon, and he ruled the southern parts of Britain For the moment, the lands he ruled were at peace But Merlin had dark tidings for the king He found Uther at Tintagel, an enchanted castle in Cornwall There he told the surprised king, Soon you will have a son, a son destined for greatness But, before two years have passed, you will die If anyone knows of his existence, the child will be killed in the struggle for power after your death The very hour the baby is born, you must deliver him to me, and never speak of him again I will make sure he is safe until his time comes Uther could not bear the thought that any child of his might come to harm, and so he agreed Full of mystery, bravery and romance, the legends surround King Arthur and his brave Knights of the Round Table are freshly told in this collection with characters and scenes vividly illustrated by Natasha Kuricheva Julia Eccleshare, Lovereadingkids