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You don t need to leave your home to find out about the world s most amazing animals This visual encyclopedia is the ultimate page turner, bringing our planet s creatures together in spectacular style This inspiring children s reference guide welcomes you to the animal kingdom where you can meet than , species, ranging from ants to zebras and everything in between Stunning pictures bring you face to face with giant predators you know and love, including polar bears and tigers, as well as mysterious microscopic life, including amoebas and bacteria This dazzling home study companion for kids also explores a variety of animal habitats in beautiful detail, while accessible information, additional fact boxes, and amazing galleries complete the stories A jaw dropping spectrum of animal types from fish and birds to reptiles and mammals provides a learning experience like no other So whether you re a budding naturalist or simply want to complete a school project,The Animal Book has got it covered This is one of the best books we ve found for our child Everything about this book is absolutely stunning The quality is excellent, the pictures are fantastic, there are literally thousands of animals in there from bugs, to bacteria, to birds , all shown to scale with just enough accompanying information to make your child keep turning the pages, and learning.In fact, as parents we find reading this with our child a wonderful experience learning lots ourselves If this book doesn t make you appreciate what a fantastic planet we live on, then nothing will An absolute gem that will last for years and years. Love this so much I actually returned encyclopaedias I had bought in favour of this as they seemed dull in comparison So far, I have bought a further three copies as gifts and have recommended to several friends who also have children that are obsessive about animals and zoo visits Great to use as the basis for a describing game i.e what animal am I thinking of , child then can ask questions or you can give clues we really have got value for money out of this book Beautiful illustrations and helpful scale illustrations for children to gain perception of size of animals Love this book Beautiful animal book, loads of pictures My son soon 3 yrs is too little to appreciate this fully, but he loves the pictures and I hope I ll learn enough to be able to keep track with him before he goes to school