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Ciara Jansen stars in a BBC Radio full cast dramatisation of the classic children s story When Heidi, a lively orphan girl, goes to live with her grandfather in a little hut high in the Alps she soon learns to live in perfect harmony with her surroundings, leading a carefree life with her constant companion, Peter, a young goatherd But her happiness is short lived when she is sent to stay with a rich city family as a companion for the sick Clara Although she becomes fond of the older girl, Heidi is terribly homesick Will she ever be able to return to the Alps and the happiness she once knew with her friends Johanna Spyri s touching story of the adventures of a young Swiss girl is one of the most popular children s stories ever written Heidi s pleasure in the beauty of the Swiss mountains and her rich relationships with her friends and family are perfectly evoked in this warm and lively full cast radio dramatisation

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  1. p p says:

    I have read 50 pages so far, and things are goin good The one thing I d say about this book, is that it s a teeny weeny bit small It coulda done with bein about twice as big.Deta is a hard.ss and Heidi is joyful and contemporary, meanin by that that she isn t unreal she can stare like daggers, with a flinty look well, by that I mean she can look Deta or Grandpa straight in the eye Deta anyway.She likes goats, and there was unpasteurised milk them days, an people was as tough as Jigger Johnson or Tom Fink Heidi included.So there was goats milk, or goats milk, straight from the tap Heidi mighta been an eyes and ears, so as not to upset the meter of the sentence of Johanna Spryi, and er readin William Tell Retold, by P.G Wodehouse wish to show a pictorial evocative diorama n panorama a panorama anyway of the Alpine wilderness with fir trees howling from the wind or t other way round.So the sights and sounds are there A prop pos the size though, the book could ve been a bit bigger, as it is only the size of a kitchen box o matches in height an one an a half the time wide as an aforesaid Swan kitchen match box But Marion Edwardes seems to have been a great translator In 1910.

  2. Mrs J Matthews Mrs J Matthews says:

    I just love this book It was one of the first books I had as a child and loved the story I have visited snow covered mountains and whilst there Heidi was always in my thoughts That is why I purchased the book to read again I would definitely recommend this book and the seller, as I received it very promptly.

  3. BRS BRS says:

    I never realized, at the time, as a child, that so many editions of Heidi existed However, when I wanted to have a copy of my own, again the original copy had been given away , no other Heidi, but the one I remembered, would do Thank goodness many sellers show pictures, give dates thanks to this, after scrolling down many a Heidi page on , I eventually found one that had been published at the same time as my original copy, and another, that had been printed later, but still had the same dust cover so I bought both Happiness is a trip to the past, and what better past than a reminder of the dreams you had, as a child Today it s all on a screen, but, at my time , imagination was nourished by lingering on a page, on an illustration, time and time again, before putting the book away, for good now, I remember a world that was, with warmth, even if it no longer is, thanks to a beautifully written book and a well supplied, and organised site Thank you, .

  4. LJBentley LJBentley says:

    Another great classic to add to my list of books read this year.For those of you who have not read Heidi it is the story of a young girl who is sent to live with her grandfather who lives on a mountain She and the old man form an unlikely but heart warming connection before her auntie cruelly takes her away and sends her to live with another family to be a companion for a sickly young girl Heidi s desire to go home makes her ill and eventually she is reunited with her grandfather.Heidi is a gorgeous story and my lovely Puffin in Bloom edition is a beautiful edition to my library If you love classics then you must read Heidi.Heidi by Johanna Spyri is available now.

  5. Niemand Niemand says:

    Re free Kindle version, read at bedtime now at the halfway stage Has a few translation and formatting issues, many of them on the first few pages Gets better quickly, though later it translates yawn as gape , which is sheer idiocy Or maybe just Zeitgeist idiosyncrasy Hopefully, the second part won t reveal serious issues Still, it s easy to change as you re reading, though kids reading by themselves might be puzzled.Yet despite a clanger or two, overall the translation is OK, and seems faithful to the period, with an old fashioned rhythm, syntax etc that feels right.The kids have been engaged with this than many a highly rated modern classic This is a true 5 star masterpiece that overcomes its sometimes dodgy translation and formatting And free on Kindle, so well worth the price..

  6. C. Penfold C. Penfold says:

    Having recently been in the mountains, I was reminded of the book Heidi that I read when I was a little girl I remembered too the tv series film and resolved to get hold of a copy and read it again on my return home.I m delighted that I did I loved this book and, after a period of some 36 years, it has lost none of its charm This is truly a children s classic but also for adults too The description of the mountains, the seasons, of nature in all its glory and the childish joy of seeing wonderous sights brought me so much joy and stayed with me for some time after I had read the last page.It s free, seriously there is no reason not to get this book and read it.Take yourself to an age of innocence and charm You will be rewarded.

  7. Mum of two Mum of two says:

    Heidi is a beautiful story This particular edition with a thick red banner across the bottom is not I purchased it as a present but it is not suitable to give It looks cheap, and is extremely unattractively set out Had I scrolled down the bottom of the page I would have seen a far nicer edition and purchased that instead I would strongly recommend reading Heidi even as an adult but not this edition which takes some of the magic and beauty of the story away.

  8. sylviahume sylviahume says:

    This edition of Heidi is a beautifully printed and illustrated book, and such value at 2 77 Little Heidi is taken to live with her grandfather, a gruff and kindly man who lives alone on the Swiss Alps Heidi thrives in the mountain air, playing with Peter the goatheard and taking the goats up the mountain She is suddenly taken away to Frankfurt to be a companion to Clara, who is in a wheelchair, but she becomes so homesick that she is taken back to her grandfather, and there is a happy ending The simplicity of this story pulls at the heartstrings, it is a very spiritual and honest book full of love The abiding memory of Heidi has never left me, I have spent most of my life wishing I stayed up in the Swiss Alps, living a simple and content life.

  9. Shelly Bajwa Shelly Bajwa says:

    For years and years, Spyri s picturization of the green meadows, tall fir trees, snow capped mountains and littered bright flowers remained a happy place for me I read this book in 4th grade and rereading it made me break down on every page because of the sheer avalanche of memories and nostalgia that I brought with itself I laughed with her laughter and cried as she was sent away from her Grandfather and her home A must, MUST read for every child and adult because it s just special that way and missing out on such a story would be such a shameful loss.