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Transport yourself to a galaxy far, far away with this deluxe story treasury This stunning collection of untold fables, myths, and folklore features Jedi Sith, witches, Wookiees, droids and dragons Accompanied by beautiful illustrations, this unique treasury of in world space tales takes readers to the far reaches of the Star Wars universeincluding to the remote outer rim world of Batuu from Galaxy s EdgeThis hardback collection is the perfect gift for Star Wars fans agedand up

8 thoughts on “Star Wars Myths and Fables

  1. K. G. A. Alavi K. G. A. Alavi says:

    I really enjoyed this book It is really cool when a book expect to be a certain way is that way and delivers.I grew up trading fables from brave knights, warrior princesses and greek mythology Taking these stories and putting them into a Star Wars setting is genius and recipe for sucess Add in great artwork at the beginning of every story the chocolate icing on top.Usually rating short stories book is difficult as there would be some I enjoyed and some I did not, however i enjoyed every story in the book The old story book look and feel of the makes me nostalgic and I cannot help love it.If I had one complaint in this book I would simply I would have loved a bit action and fight scenes in the book Though this could be forgiven as even I could see it would not fit the style of the book, to have a blow by blow account of the fights.If you loves stories and Star Wars this is a must have It visits planets across the whole saga Each place has it s own legends and these are some of them.

  2. Alaran Alaran says:

    There s nothing ground breaking here or any meaningful revelations about the Star Wars universe, but this is a pleasant little collection of stories that manage to do something a little different with Star Wars.The collection consists of nine stories that span across the various Star Wars eras and there are some unnamed guest appearances from familiar characters thrown in As might be expected, some focus upon such things as the Jedi and the Sith and others on bounty hunters and pirates There is also a touch of world building involved around the ocean world of Glee Anselm the Nautolans home planet that has barely been touched upon before, primarily in The Clone Wars series.They are all told in the style of fables and fairy stories that might be related by denizens of the Star Wars galaxy They are entertainment orientated that possessing a particular moral or constructed to teach a lesson Thus, there is perhaps of an appeal for younger readers and the various offerings could easily serve as children s bedtime stories However, they should appeal to Star Wars fans of all ages.Physically the book is nicely presented with each story being given a detailed, colour illustration at its start This means, though, that it is quite spaced out and despite around two hundred pages the actual word count is quite small.

  3. Mr Ninja Mr Ninja says:

    I ordered this book so that I can ready it with my kids They are into Star Wars and want to ask lots of questions This book is perfect for them We have completed the first three stories and they are loving it The book is very well written and the illustrations are beautiful If you are a Star Wars fan Old or young this is a great book WIll report back when I have finished it The stories are set around the premise of what happened before you met the characters you know and love

  4. Razor Razor says:

    Lovely book, with several short stories written in the style of fairy tales or folklore but set in the Star Wars universe The stories themselves are quite good, with one or two being particularly interesting I d you re a fan of the universe.Could have done with some stories, and artwork which is gorgeous but otherwise, a nice book to have in my physical collection.

  5. Owlbeback Owlbeback says:

    Looking forward to my husband reading these stories to my child when she is old enough He definetly appreciated the Christmas gift

  6. Tyler Kayleigh Hutchings Tyler Kayleigh Hutchings says:

    Lovely book

  7. evelyn wendy bodenham evelyn wendy bodenham says:

    Great book bought as a present for 1 of the star wars lovers in my family.

  8. Holli Leach Holli Leach says:

    Bought as a gift for my husband He loves it and said he couldnt put it down.