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It s a textbookso not much to say I needed it for a class It was decently priced and shipped quickly. the mac kindle reader version is unusable There are hundreds of pages that do not load and are blank, and will bounce back when you try to access from the table of contents. I bought the kindle version for my Mac for a college course, and it does not work at all Pages are missing, I scroll and get hundreds of blank pages, it crashes, words and entire paragraphs are cut off, and it does not let me navigate through the table of contents It is unusable. I am a 3rd year graduate student and this book is perfect for the economics class I am taking. Well written, easy to follow, great examples and I m an Environmental Policy major, not an Econ major I really wish I could keep it The book is very nice.I like I think this was a new book Daughter is using this semester Jonathan Grubers market leading Public Finance and Public Policy was the first textbook to truly reflect the way public policy is created, implemented, and researched Like no other text available, it integrated real world empirical work and coverage of transfer programs and social insurance into the traditional topics of public finance By augmenting the traditional approach of public finance texts with a true integration of theory, application, and evidence, Public Finance and Public Policy engages students like no other public finance text Thoroughly updated, this timely new edition gives students the basic tools they need to understand the driving issues of public policy today, including healthcare, education, global climate change, entitlements, and Greedy I used this book for my class, but it was not a good book at all.