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If you ve ever wondered why technology has developed at the pace it did in the past decades, especially when horses were perfectly fine then this book might be for you Or not Turns out we had a void within our minds which was a perfect fit for big tech to fill.This book takes you through the how, why and where of modern tech in an easy ish to understand manner It can be a useful tool for broad IT managers who want to understand about the behind the scenes, strategical thinking needed to ride the tech wave successfully into the future. I have a strong background in Computer Science, and Business as a result of my education and consulting activities This book gives an excellent tutorial in programmatic advertising, media personalization, persuasion technologies and machine learning It then proceeds to emphasize, speech and natural language interfaces like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant as the mode for delivering this customized desirable experience I thoroughly enjoyed the first several sections of the book and understood its involvement with voice interfaces in the light of the author s technology studies as a business industrial affiliate of MIT If you wish to learn about the history and applications of this technology I would also recommend another offering Talk to Me How Voice Computing Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Think.However it should be remembered that voice interfaces are not the only, or necessarily most important technology for delivering this personalized, persuasive experience Such technologies, as Virtual Reality, Non Linear Media Stories, Internet of Things devices, and Generative customized media are important other delivery mechanisms for the Machine Learning based Personalized and Persuasive Marketing and Media Content described in the book.This is an excellent tutorial and overview of Programmatic Marketing Personalized through AI and Machine Learning. Fascinating and timely insight into the rapidly changing world of marketing Can t recommend this book enough it leaves me feeling well prepared for this strange new world. The Invisible Brand is a hearty, information packed book that is both technical and thought provoking It is for anyone It can be a book for those that are interested in marketing and looking to harness the power of the digital age, and it is for those curious as to what lies behind all that we see when we pull up a web page, or glance at search results, or when we take note of an advertisement after we had just happened to have been looking at a similar product, and so on It brings awareness to a level of persuasion and influence we may not know about It is nothing new in the grand sense, but it is newer in terms of use within the digital age, and the continued developments it continues to have Basically, you are choosing to learn about your world if you elect to read this.It is where psychology and technology come together, and it what the author refers to as psychotechnology My college background is primarily in psychology and business During my undergraduate years oh so many years ago late 90 s , I fondly recall some early psych classes that centered around persuasion and social influence I was especially riveted after having just stepped out of high school in a small town, to a huge university, and the internet was not much of a thing yet, let alone Internet of Things addressed in book and the class was extremely eye opening in terms of how marketing and the PRINTED world around us influences us in ways we are not aware It isn t necessarily with nefarious intent, but just to make the message find the person and the person find the message So a message or say an ad, for that time could be altered and delivered in various ways yet essentially all say the same thing buy me, believe me, etc More educated are data driven so wordy ads versus simplified image driven ads The product could have been for a basic face cream Back then, our greater understanding of the world was derived mostly from print newspapers, magazines, and then on various levels newscasts and pseudo news entertainment programs Limited by time, limited by hoping something sticks to a certain section of viewers and readers Very effective But then the internet happened And this opened up a whole new way to deliver information and for that information to be delivered in a very specific way, with personal attention It could be done in real time, it can be done over and over in both obvious and subtle ways Shotgun buckshot versus sniper rifle.Then during my time in graduate school for a masters in business recent, mid 2000 s the ever growing digital technology included the emergence of blue tooth had not yet hit critical mass, was still primarily a logistics technology in business , smartphones were in discussion but not yet developed though I did have a cutting edge Microsoft Pocket PC web pages only as APPs were not yet heard of yet, the US was only on the cusp of 3g networks, gmail was brand new with its ever growing storage capacity and in mail advertisements, AND not everyone was on nor heard of FB yet Yet, we knew that there was a growing and ever present influence every time we connected to the internet So now think of all the people who have since joined FB before it was just our friends, then it turned into parents, grandparents, and basically who doesnt have a FB for example to show how many people use the internet in such a short period of time , and how often than not someone has a smartphone by choice, and also by design of fading out analogue phones and using apps, etc.And now in just the last few years a growing emergence of smart home technologies, where everything is connected to the internet, and all of these things get to know who we are, where we are, can anticipate our needs, can help us, er influence us in making buying decisions, and so on So whats next in store for us We think we are making decisions free from influence, but everything we do is being collected, analyzed, and then sent back to us in the form of read this, buy this, believe this, buy into this, etc We think we are getting unbiased information, but we are getting information that has been tailored to our interests, our behaviors The digital world knows about us than most of us know And it is amazing how much information is gathered It is amazing how sophisticated this world has become in that regard It has ALWAYS been a thing, but it is easier, faster, and much thorough now Anyway, with all this technology, our lives are transformed Even if you think you don t use it well you do, if you are reading this review , but if you know someone who scoffs at smartphones, web use, etc so they think they are free from this influence, they would be wrong The tv programming still does its thing, the magazines, newspapers, your store savings card, etc all give and receive information We are all part of the internet of things Fascinating.So it isn t a book to tell you how to deal with it, or to avoid it, but rather to just know about it and how to work with it Just learn about it, understand it its our world now.Overall, I think it is a worthwhile book to read Some repetition, some dry spots, but overall too informative and interesting not to read and talk about.The book is organized into two parts, with five chapters in each.Intro then,PART ONE EmergenceChapter 1 The Invisible Brand Takes OverChapter 2 The Root of the Invisible Brand in Digital AdvertisingChapter 3 Persuasion EquationsChapter 4 Infinite Date from Smarter ThingsChapter 5 Beyond the Turing TestPART TWO SynthesisChapter 6 Marketing with PsychotechnologyChapter 7 Nature Versus Nurture Versus Neural NetworksChapter 8 The Algorithmic EconomyChapter 9 Privacy, Propaganda, and PoliticsChapter 10 The God Algorithimconclusion, notes, index Everything you do online, and increasingly everywhere, is being tracked, recorded and utilized with AI algorithms to direct, persuade and otherwise influence your behaviors That s the premise of this exceptional view of marketing and influence in the digital age These influences are subtle and often hidden in plain sight driving our behaviors in ways that we are often unaware of until they are pointed out Elements of the book as predictions of the future have already come to pass within a year or so of them being put to paper If you are at all interested in marketing in the 21st Century, in persuasion or in privacy, this book is a must read. I m still leery of AI but The Invisible Brand Marketing in the Age of Automation, Big Data, and Machine Learning by William Ammerman brings some sense to the AI revolution taking place He writes in a way that is easy to understand and digest The processes and scenarios are explained He also does something that I haven t seen in other books on AI in that he assesses the impact to people as an actual consideration I ve read at least two books prior on AI that was depressingly devoid of that obvious aspect of AI I think it also helps that the examples and anecdotes are easy to relate to so it makes the reading easier to contextualize Overall, I m still leery of AI but it is here to stay and this is one book on AI that does help with understanding how it works in the topic it covers and makes sense of AI s growing use. I m a technologist and an avid reader of books around the topic of AI, Automation and Data.In the past 20 years of my career I ve seen an explosion of technology that really is mind boggling when I look back over the past 2 decades The future will prove to be even exciting.This book takes an interesting look at how technology is changing and how digital marketing is rapidly changing and adapting to these new ideas.Well written and very interesting Whether you are young or old, a father or a mother, connected or not to technology you should read this bookThe author relates how AI is and will so become a huge part of everyday life With personal information being collected about us at so many points, we are destined to a new world One where invisible influence is ever present A future that offer great potential and great responsibilities.To learn how prevalent this new technology AI will become, read this book This was an outstanding read With The Invisible Brand, William Ammerman has provided us with a kind of double edged insight into two overlapping worlds Artificial Intelligence and Marketing If that has been done before and I don t believe it has , it certainly hasn t been done this well or with this level of thought In a nutshell, this book says AI has changed the world of marketing at breathtaking speed, and most professionals are struggling to understand that truth, let alone harness its significance or gain advantage through the deft use of these mind bending tools In The Invisible Brand, you get what feels like the inside perspective of an industry veteran Ammerman , building to a comprehensive overview of the strategies and tactics currently being used to transform our digital lives nanosecond by nanosecond His ability to explain complex technologies, like machine learning and natural language processing, and fit them into the context of industries as diverse as media, finance, healthcare, and education makes this book indispensable reading But perhaps most important this book is hopeful With eyes wide open to any and all potentialities, Mr Ammerman manages to present a future far promising than scary. Marketers are harnessing the enormous power of AI to drive unprecedented resultsThe world of marketing is undergoing major change Sophisticated algorithms can test billions of marketing messages and measure results, and shift the weight of campaigns all in real time What s next A complete transformation of marketing as we know it, where machines themselves design and implement customized advertising tactics at virtually every point of digital contact The Invisible Brand provides an in depth exploration of the risks and rewards of this epochal shift while delivering the information and insight you need to stay ahead of the gameRenowned technologist William Ammerman draws from his decades of experience at the forefront of digital marketing to provide a roadmap to our data driven future You ll learn how data and AI will forge a new level of persuasiveness and influence for reshaping consumers buying decisions You ll understand the technology behind these changes and see how it is already at work in digital assistants, recommendation engines and digital advertising And you ll find unmatched insight into how to harness the power of artificial intelligence for maximum resultsAs we enter the age of mass customization of messaging, power and influence will go to those who know the consumer best Whether you are a marketing executive or concerned citizen, The Invisible Brand provides everything you need to understand how brands are harnessing the extraordinary amounts of data at their disposal and capitalizing on it with AI