Free Best Zero Harm: How to Achieve Patient and Workforce Safety in HealthcareAuthor Craig Clapper –

From the nation s leading experts in healthcare safety the first comprehensive guide to delivering care that ensures the safety of patients and staff alikeOne of the primary tenets among healthcare professionals is, First, do no harm Achieving this goal means ensuring the safety of both patient and caregiver Every year in the United States alone, an estimatedmillion hospital patients suffer serious harm that is preventable To address this industry wide problem and provide evidence based solutions a team of award winning safety specialists from Press Ganey Healthcare Performance Improvement have applied their decades of experience and research to the subject of patient and workforce safety Their mission is to achieve zero harm in the healthcare industry, a lofty goal that some hospitals have already accomplished which you can, tooCombining the latest advances in safety science, data technology, and high reliability solutions, this step by step guide shows you how to implementsimple principles in your workplace Commit to the goal of zero harm Becomepatient centric Recognize the interdependency of safety, quality, and patient centricity Adopt good data and analytics Transform culture and leadership Focus on accountability and executionIn Zero Harm, the world s leading safety experts share practical, day to day solutions that combine the latest tools and technologies in healthcare today with the best safety practices from high risk, yet high reliability industries, such as aviation, nuclear power, and the United States military Using these field tested methods, you can develop new leadership initiatives, educate workers on the universal skills that can save lives, organize and train safety action teams, implement reliability management systems, and create long term, transformational change You ll read case studies and success stories from your industry colleagues and discover the most effective ways to utilize patient data, information sharing, and other up to the minute technologies It s a complete workplace ready program that s proven to reduce preventable errors and produce measurable results by putting the patient, and safety, first

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