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Understanding macroeconomic developments and policies in the twenty first century is daunting policy makers face the combined challenges of supporting economic activity and employment, keeping inflation low and risks of financial crises at bay, and navigating the ever tighter linkages of globalization Many professionals face demands to evaluate the implications of developments and policies for their business, financial, or public policy decisions Macroeconomics for Professionals provides a concise, rigorous, yet intuitive framework for assessing a country s macroeconomic outlook and policies Drawing on years of experience at the International Monetary Fund, Leslie Lipschitz and Susan Schadler have created an operating manual for professional applied economists and all those required to evaluate economic analysis

9 thoughts on “Macroeconomics for Professionals

  1. Farhaad Mallu Farhaad Mallu says:

    I thought this book covered the macro basics in an easily understandable manner and the exercises provided at the end of each chapter were very helpful in building knowledge This book is perfect for those starting off in a macro research role at a bank or in similar roles.

  2. Will Prest Will Prest says:

    I bought this book to expand my knowledge of practical macroeconomics It is very well written and easy to follow The Q A at the end of each section is very useful The case studies are definitely worth downloading.

  3. Jean-Pierre Dumas Jean-Pierre Dumas says:

    Livre de macro conomie diff rent de ceux crits par les professeurs d universit qui ne connaissent que les mod les et quations et qui ignorent la mani re d interpr ter les chiffres Les deux auteurs nous donnent les cadres d analyse de la monnaie qui reste myst rieuse pour la plupart des tudiants et professeurs d conomie , le budget, la balance ces payements Il est tout simplement impossible de faire de la politique conomique et de comprendre la macro conomie sans une bonne compr hension de ces comptes et de leurs interactions.Ces auteurs form s au FMI nous montrent comment on peut utiliser les donn es macro conomiques fournies par le FMI pour tous les pays du monde C est une chose qui ne s apprend pas en France regarder le budget pr sent par le MdF fran ais.

  4. julio rodriguez julio rodriguez says:

    I purchased this book back in mid 2019 but until now was able to fully read during the current Coronavirus lockdown the past 3 1 2 weeks, and I must say that I really enjoyed reading this book given the fact that I was able to read it without interruption The vast expertise of both authors has produced a very well balanced approach, authoritative yet refreshing at the same time, at least for someone accustomed to a standard textbook approach I recommend this book for both students and professionals, and I am sure all new readers will agree with my view despite some very few typos Hopefully, the authors will consider soon publishing a version for the spanish speaking audience.

  5. v hugo juan-ramon, Ph.D. v hugo juan-ramon, Ph.D. says:

    A well written, easy reading, informative book apt to understand key macroeconomic concepts and theories By explaining supported by essential graphs, math, figures, and boxes on methodological or specific topics actual case studies on various policies and empirical themes, the book is must reading for courses on applied macroeconomics and indeed a useful guide for analysts Its emphasis on operational and practical aspects of macroeconomics makes the book a fitting complement to books also tackling short term macroeconomic diagnostic and program financial programming in IMF parlance but denser in details on projection methods and the structure of the real, fiscal, monetary, and external accounts.V Hugo Juan Ramon, Ph.D.

  6. christopher brooks christopher brooks says:

    A very good book for understanding how to apply macroeconomics to the real world The exercises are usefuland there are two good diagrams on current account deficits and capital flows If you want to assess currentmacroeconomic issues like an IMF analyst, this is the book for you

  7. thomas andersen thomas andersen says:

    Very fine book with lots of practical i.e., applied information that you will not find in other books on macroeconomics Combine this book with Benassy Quere et al 2019 , Economic Policy Theory and Methods, and you will be very well equipped to do applied macroeconomics.

  8. WNP Work WNP Work says:

    Reasonable content but often conveyer in a convoluted manner I am always bothered by typos and graph figure mistakes Page 8, figure 2.1 transposed the labels Worrying to see it so early in the text and the mistakes mostly benign continued on.

  9. Ben Rankin Ben Rankin says:

    Very helpful resource Covers the essentials of applied macroeconomics.