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Are You Either an existing landlord looking at switching your current buy to let homes to shared houses in order to maximise returns, or you are at the start of your property investment journey and want to become a professional HMO landlord Either way, HMOs are fairly new to youThen this is the book for youThis book has been put together by Nick Fox, who, withthanindividual rooms let in the East Midlands is one of the UKs most experienced HMO portfolio investors This is acomprehensive anddetailed in depth version incorporating his first book, HMO PROPERTY SUCCESS, and is aimed at specialist property investors who are looking to concentrate on the niche House in Multiple Occupation HMO marketOs shared houses require different investment strategies and management skills to letting standard buy to let homesThe financials behind the investment are also different and most local authorities apply tougher safety and management rules to HMOs than they do to other propertiesThis book takes you through every step of understanding HMOs as an investment, sourcing, acquiring, letting and then managing them in such a way that you maximise your returns It also guides you through how to ensure you are compliant with all your legal, financial and tax obligationsThe HMO market is vast and growing Modern HMO properties are slick and fashionable homes, let by professional landlords to young professional people or students This book will teach you how to provide decent homes for multiple tenants while realising high yields and profits for yourself

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