Read kindle Zet and the Egyptian Temple Mystery (Kid Detective Zet) (Volume 3) –

Love this bookTassa DeSalada,Reviewer In a golden era of pyramids live two young detectives This is their adventureyear old Zet has a mystery on his hands Theres trouble in the kingdom An important person has vanished into thin air Zet is sure he can dig up clues He needs to get down to business, fast The problem His best friend, Hui, wants to help Hui loves joking around and things are bound to turn messy The boys set sail down the Nile to a temple construction site But with a suspicious boat captain on their tail, playing spy wont be easy Soon theyre escaping into dusty pyramid chambers, past columns covered in hieroglyphics, through a mysterious land of gold and majesty that the world has never forgotten Join Zet and Hui in this fun and exciting mystery, perfect for all kids ages What kids are saying I amyears old I could not put this book down What parents are saying My middle school aged daughter loved this set She breezed right through them and has reread themthan once What teachers are saying I am reading this story to my sixth graders students want to borrow the book Popular in numerous book clubs, classrooms, and homeschooling Our readers are going places Grab a copy Lexile Shelve under books for boys, books for girls, books for kids age, books for middle grade, books for boys, books for girls, funny exciting stories for kids, diary of a wimpy kid readers, reluctant readers, th grade, travel with kids, Alex Rider, Hardy Boys, Mr Lemoncellos Library, Minecraft readers, appropriate books for kids, librarian approved