Prime Uleyli-The Princess & Pirate (A Junior Graphic Novel): Based on the true story of Florida's Pocahontas –

Uleyli is a princessbut she isnt happy with all that comes with it Shed rather daydream and create art than learn how to rule her people When a Spanish boy, Juan Ortiz, is captured by Uleylis father, she intervenes on his behalf and begins to plot her escape from her village As she dreams of a new life in Cuba, Uleyli encounters a series of problems that put her dreams at risk To solve her problems she will need to use the power of her creativity to help save her new friend, her village, and herselfThis graphic novel was inspired by the true story of a young Native American woman, Ulele, known as Floridas Pocahontas The beautiful full color illustrations and simple text paint a picture of life in th century Native American villages in what is now the southeastern United States This is a story celebrating Uleles creativity and non violent heroismPerfect for young fans of graphic novels ages who are interested in learningabout US historyAlso available as anillustrated chapter book, perfect for classroom readingIf you are looking for the following, you might likeUleyli The Princess PirateNative American stories fiction for kids Graphic novels for kids Coming of age stories for readers Historical fiction for kids Strong female protagonist for young readers