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A pep talk in your pocket This short, small, highly illustrated book will fill you to the brim with happiness, positivity, wellbeing and, most importantly, success Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker are experts in the art of happiness and positive psychology and The Art of Being Brilliant is crammed full of good advice, instructive case studies, inspiring quotes, some funny stuff and important questions to make you think about your work, relationships and life You see being brilliant, successful and happy isn t about dramatic change, it s about finding out what really works for you and doing of it The authors lay down their six common sense principles that will ensure you focus on what you re good at and become super brilliant both at work and at home A richly illustrated,colour, small book full of humour, inspiring quotes and solid advice A great read with a serious underlying message how to foster positivity and bring about success in every aspect of your life Outlines six common sense principles that will help you ensure you are the best you can be I purchased it for my daughter Actually she wanted The Art of Being Brilliant Teenager by the same author However she liked this one also So be specific while purchasing if you want this one or the..Teenager one. I don t normally read self help books but after seeing Andy W give a presentation at a recent conference and being impressed, I was pretty confident that this would be worth a read and it was.At heart almost every lesson in this short book is good old fashioned common sense but that doesn t mean it s common practice and that we don t occasionally need a reminder to do what we already know we should.I could relate to all of this but probably because I was already one of the inherently positive people they were trying to convert everybody else into If you are a misery monger who expects everything in life to be crap, then you may well struggle to get your head around all of this.I read the kindle edition and that s the main reason this is only a 3 pointer The many cartoons and quotations in bubbles are fixed in size and very small I don t have problems with my eyesight but even I tried to make them bigger, only to find that you get what you get and making the text bigger doesn t have any impact on the cartoons Most are very good but would be better if you could actually read them.To Andy W, the man who moved from England s third worst town to the second worst and remains eternally optimistic, I d say a thank you for finding Andy C and putting into words a philosophy I already had without really realising it. Like most people, I already know what I need to do to make my life brilliant, however, as the two wonderful authors point out, common sense doesn t automatically mean commonplace So here I am, about to start the climb into the 2%ers and I couldn t be happy about it It s no exaggeration to say that I felt lighter, happier and positive from the moment I started reading this book Give it a whirl, you ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain That s why we re looking at these types of books, right Great book full of really inspiration to do things differently, to be brilliant and make the most of life As with many books in this category, much of the content is common sense but it s communicated in a fun and relatable way has truly made a massive difference