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Young Arthur spends his days toiling as a squire feeding the horses and hauling his big brother s armor Around him, England is in turmoil, left without a king But all that changes in one day, with one pull on the mysterious sword in the stone Guided by Merlin the Magician, Arthur takes his place as the rightful heir to England s throne He receives the sword Excalibur and wins the loyalty of the Knights of the Round Table But can the young king win peace and freedom for England

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    Based on the legendary King Arthur, this English tale has been entertaining audiences since Sir Thomas Malory created the character in the 15th century Whether or not King Arthur was inspired by a real man has never been determined, but one thing is certain Malory s Le Morte D Arthur looked nothing like the Limke Yeates version.According to Yeates, he used both historic and traditional sources when shaping the artwork for the book Together, he and Limke created a 21st century version of Arthur that fans of both Arthurian legend and graphic novels will be unable to resist Limke s adaptation of Malory s story is strong This particular telling of the legend begins with the young Arthur, when he was a squire and England was in turmoil, without a king When he pulls the sword from the stone, he becomes the next king of England quite a responsibility for a boy But, with the guidance of Merlin the Magician and the loyalty of the Knights of the Round Table, he becomes a good and powerful leader.The colorful graphics supplied by Yeates are stunning, and the glossary, index, and list of Web sites at the end will enhance this Arthurian experience for younger readers Additionally, readers who enjoy this book should check out other books in the publisher s Graphic Myths and Legends series.Reviewed by Mechele R Dillard

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    For those looking at the five star reviews of this book please don t waste your time or money on this rubbish.Its really not a graphic novel in any sense, nor in my view is it worthy of academic study at any level Hard to know where to start to be honest but certainly lacking in any discernible historical, dramatic or artistic metric Its biggest sin however is that its amazingly boring Quite how Jeff Limke manages to make a story as magical and timeless as the Arthurian legend so tedious absolutely beggars belief..made me want to weep I was looking for something that would introduce my own children to a classic story that I loved as a child but this is so bad that we struggled to even finish it To teachers and parents if you re looking for an easy introduction to the subject matter and something that will inspire and enthral your kids that really captures the magic of the Arthurian story you d be much better off letting them watch John Boormans 1981 film, Excalibur.

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    This book is an absolute boon I m an English teacher at a primary school in Norway and am planning a drama project based on the Legends of King Arthur I thought I d take a look at this graphic edition and am really glad I did so I m well versed in the King Arthurian Legends and have a read a plethora of both adult and children s literature on the subject This is one of the most engaging and entertaining that I ve read it had me hooked from beginning to end I loved it It s a brilliant mix of narrative and dialogue both of which are well illustrated Additionally, it also has a take on the legend that appeals to me, which can t be said of all the children s books available on this particular tale It s stimulating enough, as well as the right tone, to engage my pupils between the ages of 11 til 13 years old I ve ordered the Sir Lancelot edition too and hope that that meets my expectations.

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    it was nice and i enjoyed it than you did bye have a nice day Good night people of indiaq peep

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    While perusing the .com website one day, I was surprised to discover this graphic novel and immediately thoughtHuh Thomas Yeates, the talented comic artist who took on the challenge and the privilege of illustrating the Prince Valiant comic strip in 2012, drew a comic retelling of the tale of King Arthur in 2007 As a long time fan of the Valiant newspaper strip, and someone who always enjoyed Mr Yeates workthis was something I had to see King Arthur Excalibur Unsheathed is a 48 paged graphic novel published for young readers by the Lerner Publishing Group and Millbrook Press, Inc It is part of a line of illustrated books called Graphic Universe which features Graphic Myths and Legends from around the world retold using the sequential art medium As written by Jeff Limke, King Arthur relates the story of how the young Arthur first takes the enchanted sword Excalibur from the stone and begins his mythic life to become the King of all England During the quickly paced comic novel, Arthur is guided by the mysterious magician Merlin in the ways of knighthood and leadership, and as he matures into a young man, he learns how to be a king King Arthur is an admirable introduction to the early years of the boy who would become king, especially for the graphic novel s intended audience, young people For older readers familiar with the classic tale of Arthur, like myself, they may find the story a bit too condensed for their tastes Still, Mr Limke does embue the story with a good sense of its characters, notably in the young boy Arthur, and the loving bond he shares with his older brother Kay, and their father, Lord Ector Importantly, even as an abridged version of Arthur s adventures, the book offers the rewarding artistry of Thomas Yeates, who brings his lush rendering style to the legend, heightening the power of the story For example, Arthur s famous initial freeing of the Excalibur blade from the stone is imagined as a truly magical moment by Mr Yeates, a comic page worthy of the mythology.From this reviewer s perspective, this graphic novel can not only be an introduction to the Arthurian Legends for children but also a companion to the Prince Valiant comic strip, especially since Mr Yeates is currently drawing that classic contemporary take on the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Mr Limke s and Mr Yeates King Arthur Excalibur Unsheathed is an entertaining prequel to the Valiant comic strip as well as an enticing introduction to the life and growing legend of a character who was to become known and cherished throughout the world Recommended.A final note King Arthur Excalibur Unsheathed has a follow up novel in the Graphic Myths and Legends series, also created by Mr Yeates and Mr Limke, titledArthur This comic story delves into the days of an older King Arthur, and his relationship with his beloved Queen Guinivere, and best friend, Sir Lancelot More good reading for young and old alike

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    I found this graphic novel excellent in all its features The graphics are colorful The characterization of King Arthur and other important characters made the story interesting and gave the old legend a refreshing view Another important aspect is that this graphic novel only covers the beginning of the legend of Arthur until he recieves Excalibur from the hands of the Lady of the Lake, and it does so in 48 pages This gives enough room to give new life in Jeff Limke s adaptation.I purchased this product with the aim of using it in the classroom in ESL context However, most sentences are complex, and most of the narration in the yellow boxes is too long I find this inadequate for low proficiency ESL learners I may consider using some of its graphics, though, avoiding to burden students working memory as they try to comprehend the story.

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    These are such a great idea, to get the kids reading.

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    Gifted to 9 yr old He was quite excited.

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    High quality, nice artwork, easy to read

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    My son loved it.

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    very good graphic novel.