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Im checking out a gorgeous Sound of Music Companion thats coming out next month Its by theater film aficionado Laurence Maslon, whose books on Broadway musicals are treasure troves of information This looks to be the same, with hundreds of pictures from both the Mary Martin Broadway production and mostly from the movie Theres also a foreward by Julie Andrews From what Ive read so far, its a pretty sumptuous feast for fans soon to be one of my favorite things NPR The iconic movie, released in March , is also the subject of a fine new book, Laurence Maslon s The Sound of Music CompanionParade If you love The Sound of Music and who doesnt you are in for a treat The Sound of Music Companionis a beautiful, extensive coffee table book full of fun facts and interesting, little known details about the von Trapp family, the Broadway musical, and of course the beloved movie San Francisco Book Review From Vienna to Vermont, from Broadway to Hollywood, this gorgeous coffee table book details the real life of the Von Trapp family from the international box office bonanza Author Laurence Masion, a professor from New York University, has gatheredphotos as well as original lyrics, storyboards, and behind the scenes footage for this treasured book National ExaminerThe definitive book on the world s most beloved musical, The Sound of Music Companion charts the incredible and enduring story of Maria von Trapp and her story over the last hundred years from Maria s birth in Vienna into the th anniversary of the film s release inThe book details every step in the evolution of this masterwork from real life to page to stage to film to international phenomenon It profiles every creative artist who has helped to shape the musical version of the von Trapp Family story from Rodgers and Hammerstein and Mary Martin to Robert Wise, Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer and includes landmark international stage productions, the movie in pop culture and theTV movie Folded into the saga are guest appearances by Petula Clark, Carol Burnett, John Coltrane, Noel Coward, Carrie Underwood and Connie Walsh Included arethanpictures, many never seen before, in addition to Complete lyrics to a dozen songs Rare manuscript pages from the pens of Rodgers and Hammerstein A map of Salzburg and the film s locations Unseen storyboards from the film Updates on the Sing A Long phenomenon