read online Audible Mouth Open, Story Jump Out By Grace Hallworth –

A collection of folk tales from Trinidad and Tobago They include stories about the Loup Garous, who takes an animal s form at night l Esprits, who died, they say, without finding peace Papa Bois, father of the forest and the mermaids and fairymaids who inhabit the islands lakes and rivers

3 thoughts on “Mouth Open, Story Jump Out

  1. Stacia Edwards Stacia Edwards says:

    I read this book about 10 years ago and i just happened to remember it Love it Great read if you re not easily scared

  2. Richard Newbold Richard Newbold says:

    A collection of short stories from Trinidad and Tobago, featuring some interesting and scary characters, such as La Diablesse the lady devil who ensnares men who don t spot the cloven hooves beneath her long dress Great if your kids mine certainly were up for it like to be scared witless at bedtime, and some of the tales are gothic horror territory The mermaids are the sort you wouldn t mind as neighbours, though Vivid and quite addictive storytelling.

  3. Alison Patton Alison Patton says:

    Fab book Read it when I was a kid and it did scare me but i loved it great collection of stories that have never left me.Maybe not for your child if they are of a sensitive disposition.