[[ read online books ]] KS2 Comprehension Book 2: Year 4, Ages 8-9 (for the new National Curriculum)Author Schofield Sims – Schematicwiringdiagram.co

Key StageComprehension provides a unique collection of stimulating texts that appeal strongly to both boys and girls, together with questions that both build and stretch comprehension skills and widen vocabulary Comprising four one per child activity books and providingthantexts in total, the series encourages children to pay close attention to literal meaning, make inferences and deductions, observe how writing is structured and identify literary devices A separate Teacher s Guide is also available Bookis for children whose reading skills are fluent and accurate and includes excellent examples of broadsheet journalism such as a description of the celebrations following England s victory in theWorld Cup , an instructional text How to make a wormery that children will love, enthralling extracts from classic fiction The Adventures of Robin Hood Treasure Island and Alice s Adventures in Wonderland plus stories based on the Canterbury Tales and Arthurian legend, an intriguing playscript adapted from the Sherlock Holmes detective story and thought provoking poetry from Charles Causley, Walter de la Mare, Valerie Bloom and Edward Thomas