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A fresh and innovative route to business and personal success Polar Bear Pirates contains a whole new universe of characters and terminology that everyone will instantly recognize and relate to Polar Bear Pirates, highly focused, successful, fun loving people who truly believe in life before death, are on a quest to reach Fat City But as we follow the fortunes of these highly motivated bears, we see how they must fight off some pretty ruthless and often highly elusive enemies enemies who are determined to block their paths and shatter their dreamsHere s a brief sketch of just some of these treacherous characters Sinkersthe bitter losers who, as disciples of the pear shape, despise anyone else s success and derive immense pleasure from torpedoing itHead treadsthose who block anyone coming up the success ladder they are devoid of talent, having only got where they are through brown nosing, knife throwing and luck Neg ferretsthe pessimistic warriors of doom with insatiable appetites for other people s problemsMolasses Man the sweet but slow, well meaning people who are burdened by the beliefs of othersBloatersboasting, lazy, obnoxious and tediously egotistical reptilian saddos who are absolutely full of it Written in the tradition of the bestselling, Who Moved My Cheese, Polar Bear Pirates is a uniquely entertaining and often hilarious look at business and personal development A game book of questions, answers, traps and signposts, this book delivers powerful, inspirational messages as it helps you to unravel a series of complex motivational issues on your journey to personal and professional success seriously one of the worst motivational, personal growth books I have ever read Starts of in the first chapter with the phrase nothing is certain in life except death and taxes absolutely nothing original or thought provoking about this bookdon t waste your money I have read parts of this book at a colleagues desk and found it really intriguing although this review is intended about how this book should be used I had the great pleasure to see Adrian Webster at a conference this week and he was amazing.Hearing Adrian discuss his book and his findings was just the ticket to re energise my belief and motivation levels Within minutes his no nonsense and humourous over view of team roles revealed an incredbly useful insight into some of my team members I can t wait to get into work tomorrow.Will this book change your life, probably not, but ironically inline with Adrian s view of sucess, reading this book this will almost certainly be one of the small steps you may need to take to make the changes you are probably needing It will remind you about all the really important things that you have done in the past which you have probably forgotten to keep doing.I wish I d seen this when I first started managing people as it would have saved a lot of mistakes.Enjoy the experience and show that you are having fun while you do it..eg smileThanks Adrian. Great book This guy rocks Brilliant thought proving book Do see this chap live if you get the opportunity. Interesting, albeit very short read 3 stars because the price makes it very poor value for money great read brand new book thankyou Without doubt, the best book I have read this year I had heard good things about this book prior to purchasing it, however I never expected it to be this good The fantastic use of well known business theory translated in a easy to read terminology which is very easily understood and followed The humour used to make the book so easy to read is just perfect.This book clearly details how to progress within busy organisations against hardfought competitors and very understandingly details who and what to avoid and what not to avoid Just brilliant