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The author s main goal in writing Understanding Investments is to present the classic theories and strategies in the field of finance in a new,intuitive, and practical wayThis text offers context and grounding information to students trulylooking, as the title indicates,to understand investments This textbook brings a number of innovative features to the fieldPresentation of material from the economics point of view, stressing the interpretation of concepts, rather than their mere memorization and mechanical applicationShorter,streamlinedchapters, so instructors and students won t be distracted by superfluous detail, and can instead focus on the most relevant issuesFewer chapters than in current textbooks, so instructors can comfortably cover all material within a semesterBoxes with International Focus vignettes, discussions Applying Economic Analysis to relevant topics, and featured Lessons from our Times , allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of the material and its relevant context and applicationsSections in each chapter discussing different investment strategies and their pros and consQuestions that solicit students critical thinking skills and problems that require their quantitative expertise to address real life problems rather than rote, mechanical questions that merely require regurgitation