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We re going on a lion huntWe re going to catch a big oneThrough the long grass, the swamp and the lake, two girls decide to go and hunt a lion they re not scared We re Going on a Lion Hunt by David Axtell is a beautifully illustrated African retelling of the classic story Full of magnificent animals, this fun and engaging rhythmical story is perfect for little adventurers everywhere

11 thoughts on “We're Going on a Lion Hunt

  1. circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer says:

    the last 2 illustrations are the wrong way round according to the sequence of events other than that it s a good story, my kids are familiar with the bear hunt version so I m sure they ll enjoy this one

  2. Dee78 Dee78 says:

    We all know the story of the bear hunt well I love this version Set in Africa, the two girls set off on a lion hunt Beautiful pictures of the African savannah, and a lovely story line of two black girls I shared the story with my preschool group who equally enjoyed the story.

  3. TeachUK TeachUK says:

    There is no comparison between this and the original We re Going On A Bear Hunt The illustration graphics in this run off are really very bad, the tale is truncated missing out two adventures along the way and the illustrated pages at the end are in the wrong order Making it a lion hunt is a good idea, but once you ve read the original it comes up lacking.

  4. Sen_sunflower Sen_sunflower says:

    Beautiful fluid illustrations that fill the eye, and an engaging short story with which you and your child can employ lots of hushed or LOUD voices, whilst telling the tale My child is two and he really enjoys reading this book with me.

  5. Mrs H Parsons Mrs H Parsons says:

    lovely story

  6. Miss S Tesfagiorgis Miss S Tesfagiorgis says:

    Same story, but set elsewhere and searching for a Lion instead

  7. lincs lincs says:

    Children enjoyed this story Lovely repeated refrains for the children to join in with.

  8. Liz Miles Liz Miles says:

    We loved the multi cultural aspect of this book and enjoyed learning about other people s lives and all the animals surrounding them.

  9. circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer says:

    What a fun book My 2 year old loves this book At the daycare he is in, they have turned this book into an activity clapping, running on the spot, falling to the ground.I bought this for myself and mirror what they do at dayare and he absolutely loves it.

  10. nicnot nicnot says:

    Wasn t in the best conditions Great book

  11. JaneInTexas JaneInTexas says:

    Love, love, love this book I tell the story every summer at my pre school summer music camps I use different instruments for the sound of the long grass, swamp, lake, and cave plus a small glockenspiel can help children understand the concept of going over and going under Beautifully written and beautifully illustrated