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Need Respect Trust is the remarkable story of the internationally renowned investment bank founded by Nemir KirdarIntent on pursuing a career in public life in the land of his birth, the young Kirdar finds his aspirations brutally cut short by a coup d tat and the massacre of Iraq s royal family Seeing no future in Iraq, Kirdar flees to the United States to continue his studies Persuaded to return and set up his own business, he is later incarcerated in a Ba ath Party jailFreed, he arrives for the second time on US shores within his pocket and begins training at the lowest level in New York s banking industry Through talent and application, he climbs the corporate ladder and ends up running Chase Manhattan s business in the Arabian Gulf There, a convergence of business and economic trends changes his life and leads him to create a new kind of banking institution Built on integrity and principle, Investcorp becomes a bridge between the burgeoning oil wealth of the Gulf and alternative investment opportunities in the West, on both sides of the AtlanticThis is an inspirational book about overcoming obstacles and what can be achieved through courage, vision, passion and leadership Need, Respect, Trust is a stirring personal manifesto of what it takes to succeed in business and in life