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From the best selling author of The Circle the gripping true story of a young Yemeni American man, raised in San Francisco, who dreams of resurrecting the ancient art of Yemeni coffee but finds himself trapped in Sana a by civil warMokhtar Alkhanshali is twenty four and working as a doorman when he becomes fascinated with the rich history of coffee and Yemen s central place in it He leaves San Francisco and travels deep into his ancestral home to tour terraced farms high in the country s rugged mountains He collects samples and organizes farmers and is on the verge of success when civil war engulfs the country Saudi bombs rain down, the US embassy closes, and Mokhtar has to find a way out of Yemen with only his hopes on his back The Monk of Mokha is the story of this courageous and visionary young man following the most American of dreams Extraordinary No story is urgent Observer Dramatic, aspirational smartly and engagingly written Exactly what I want to read right now The Times The antidote to Trumpism This is a book that celebrates the exuberance of the human spirit Mail on Sunday This book is about the American dream, and the threat that it is under Spectator Remarkable full of derring do, tenacity and exceptional luck Metro

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  1. BookWorm BookWorm says:

    This is an extraordinary true story that is compelling and incredible than most fiction I really thought it was a novel and if it was, it would be an excellent one Eggers writing is so good and entertaining that the reading experience is much closer to a novel, although some parts are fact heavy than others The subject of the book is Mokhtar, a young American who finds his calling in reviving the fortunes of Yemeni coffee Unfortunately he chooses a time of great politic unrest to start his project, and finds himself caught up in the civil war However despite his life being at risk, he remains determined to improve the lot of coffee farmers in the wartorn country and goes to unbelievable lengths to set up his export business.It would make a fantastic film it s got all the excitement, and Hollywood would love the rags to riches story Mokhtar is a wonderful character both ordinary and extraordinary, and shows how an average person can achieve incredible things in the right circumstances It s an inspiring story that shows sometimes real life can be better and stranger than fiction, and that happy endings can occur Even in the midst of war and despair, hope and improvement are possible and can be achieved by ordinary people.It s the most uplifting thing I ve read in a long time, and I have nothing but admiration for the young man who set out to do something worthwhile, and wouldn t let anything stand in his way I d highly recommend this book, which is as pleasurable a read as any novel due to its fiction like excitement and good writing,, especially if you re feeling down.

  2. Caitlin Cockcroft Caitlin Cockcroft says:

    Having lived and worked in Yemen and experienced about a millionth of what Mokhtar must have, from a very different perspective, i found this book extremely convincing and authentic in its storytelling It told a truth for many, and a reality that so many could never imagine, but showed the connectedness we all have through one thing or another.Really beautiful flow, read the whole book in a day, literally didn t put it down except for lunch.Would recommend to anyone interested in Yemen, history, travel, culture or coffee

  3. Peter Jarman Peter Jarman says:

    Little of the book describes the peoples of the Yemen or the troubles of the coffee dealer travelling amongst them The book is not written by the traveller, but by an American who writes a lot of books.

  4. christelallison Haddon christelallison Haddon says:

    This wasn t the easiest of reads bit worth persevering.How amazing what one man s vision can achieve One man who has with the help of others helped the life of so many.I m enlightened and encouraged.

  5. Stephen McGann Stephen McGann says:

    If you want to know about coffee, Yemen and this is a good read Explains about the process and processing of coffee, the people and organisations behind the brew Goes someway to explain the high price of specialist coffees

  6. aaj aaj says:

    It was difficult to finish reading Wanted to stop reading after the first few pages Very stretched story and not much into it.

  7. parenting-relationships.co Customer parenting-relationships.co Customer says:

    A beautiful story of Yemeni coffee and one man s sheer grit and determination at ensuring people around the world get the chance to brew and savour the Yemeni bean and superb story telling which will keep the pages turning and the coffee coming.

  8. rootie rootie says:

    Gist for a fruend who loved it

  9. jean-pierre glorieux jean-pierre glorieux says:

    Achet sur les conseils d une amie,je l ai lu d une traite ce qui n est pas fr quent en un week end.Mokhtar a v cu dans un quartier d sh rit de Los Angel s et ,tant bien que mal, vit les grosses embrouilles malgr des sollicitations fr quentes.Fils d une famille nombreuse de migrants y m nites , r gion que peu d am ricains pourraient situer correctement sur une mappemonde.hormis les militaires bien s r Mais de la terre de ses a eux il conna t si peu avant qu un oncle l y envoie faire ses humanit s une ann e durant.Au retour ,il parvient d crocher des petits boulots,apprend se donner un look d am ricain moyen et tombe ,via son amie d enfance, sur la statue du Moine de Moka tr nant sur une place de son quartier,statue qu il n avait pas vue.Curieux il d couvre que l origine du caf ,breuvage tr s t t mondialis le premier en fait et bien avant Starbucks se situe dans le pays de ses anc tres,d o le g n rique Moka ,petit port local de la c te y m nite.Sa volont de remonter cette Histoire l am ne a se former la d gustation tr s complexe des divers crus du march les USA sont de gros importateurs et il questionne des sp cialistes qui vont l affranchir, jusqu ce qu il parvienne se faire une id e sur place jusqu au fond de la plus isol e des vall es du Y men , y croiser des agriculteurs locaux traditionnels et un exportateur complaisant avec qui il s associe un temps.Au Y men ,le khat est une culture importante qui a peu peu supplant celle du caf.Faisant cause commune avec ce commer ant,et au prix de maintes gal res , un container parviendra finalement quitter le pays en guerre vraie sale guerre o les populations civiles affam es payent un lourd tribut pour parvenir au port d Oakland en Californie.R cit palpitant ,sem d emb ches administratives , de bombardements nocturnes et de populations fuyant la guerre, o la volont de ce jeune homme finit par triompher.L entr e du cargo au port cl t cette pop e et, la description du h ros surexcit est en soi un morceau d anthologie.Merci la bab lienne qui m a conseill cet opus ,bien crit et traduit ,dont on pourrait tirer une superbe BD elle se reconna tra gal res tant un euph mismeSi vous aimez le caf ,avec ou sans sucre , filtre ou dosettes , vous verrez votre tasse d un tout autre oeil , tant il a fallu de travail et de soins pour en arriver l A offrir aux grands ados scotch s leurs crans, a d passe de loin tous les Harro Pyter

  10. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    This is not just a story about getting some coffee beans from Yemen to Frisco This is a story about how a man can fight against all odds to conquer the goal he has set for himself I am absolutely sold by Mokhtar s Journey and what he has achieved in his life A must read for anyone who is going through rough patches in life.

  11. Cliente parenting-relationships.co Cliente parenting-relationships.co says:

    Conoscevo Eggers per Zeitoun che mi ha avvicinato ad una scrittura testimone della attualit Leggere di Mokhtar stato pienamente interessante e mi ha reso partecipe non solo del mondo del caff , ma soprattutto della natura della tragedia in atto nello Yemen.

  12. Engelstein Engelstein says:

    Well written and interesting facts about coffee and Jemen, and a fascinating story of a capable young man who even pursues his idea when civil war interrupts his entrepreneurial activities A great book for coffee lovers and those who love travelling.

  13. Sabica Faisal Sabica Faisal says:

    The seller has charged Rupees 888 though it s price is Rs 699Yet 4 stars because the book is original print.