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I am quite at a loss to understand what is going on here.None of the numerous stars would fit my experience of this so called book.Those giving five stars must have a different publication, as they mention many vital sections than appear in my Kindle edition.It seems that than half of the pages have not been copied, and it is quite impossible to search for any particular word.After years of praise for Kindle books, this is the first time that I cannot award than one star. Very useful if you want to change your English slightly Too much of the same word is boring A very cheap Thesaurus in the original format I have several in paper form but wanted one on Kindle and my laptop, and this fits the bill I m not keen on the new dictionary stye found in many new versions, it just doesn t do justice to the original intent I often find vocabulary I need within related section if not the entry I originally started looking at. Not what I was expecting think it would be easier to understand if I d bought the paper back Unfortunately too late to return Roget s Thesaurus is the world s most famous and trusted word finder First published in 1852, it has now sold over 32 million copies worldwide and has become the indispensable desk companion for generations of speakers and writers of English It is essential for anyone who wants to improve their command, creative use and enjoyment of English, and is perfect for composing speeches, or for writing all manner of prose and poetry.It remains, definitively, a writer s best friend. Good product as advertised. I got a used copy of this for next to nothing via The cover is black blue orange there are a few different versions This version is fantastic, concise and tells you what you want to know and Thrilled with my purchase and the quick arrival in time for Xmas Thoroughly recommend it for just about anything, especially crosswords It shows in depth meanings plus cross references Ab Fab Received as expected Good service.