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The last time global sovereign debt reached the level seen today was at the end of the Second World War, and this shaped a generation of economic policymaking International institutions were transformed, country policies were often draconian and distortive, and many crises ensued By the early s, when debt fell back to pre war levels, the world was radically different It is likely that changes of a similar magnitude for better and for worse will play out over coming decades Sovereign Debt A Guide for Economists and Practitioners is an attempt to build some structure around the issues of sovereign debt to help guide economists, practitioners and policymakers through this complicated, but not intractable, subject Sovereign Debt brings together some of the world s leading researchers and specialists in sovereign debt to cover a range of sub disciplines within this vast topic It explores debt management with debt sustainability debt reduction policies with crisis prevention policies and the history with the conjuncture It is a foundation text for all those interested in sovereign debt, with a particular focus real world examples and issues