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The Oxford Primary Illustrated Maths Dictionary supports the curriculum and gives comprehensive coverage of the key maths terminology children use in the primary classroom Each entry is in alphabetical order and along with a clear and straightforward definition, has a fun and informative colour illustration or diagram to help explain the meaning Cross references link the user to other useful words in this dictionary so it is easy to build up vocabulary quickly There is also a full index at the end Additional information is given in a fully illustrated section on mathematical apparatus, symbols, calculations, and much It is the perfect companion to the Oxford Primary Illustrated Science Dictionary Go online for downloadable word games, puzzles, and activities on the oxforddictionaries schools website

12 thoughts on “Oxford Primary Illustrated Maths Dictionary (Oxford Dictionary)

  1. S. Rudge S. Rudge says:

    Bought this for my children as the curriculum is changing at their school and the school recommend this book very easy to read I can now work out how they do their math and even learnt some mathematics I did not know about before Good for children and adults wishing to re learn maths

  2. Roundy Roundy says:

    Brought this for me, as I didn t understand the terms my daughter was using It s brilliant as it s alphabetical I can quickly look up what on earth she s talking about without getting confused in the language.

  3. howtoclaimbackppi.co Customer howtoclaimbackppi.co Customer says:

    For checkpoint and further There are times when I need a good, clear exanation of a simple math concept So both students and adults will enjoy having this to refer to.

  4. Tracy Tracy says:

    Bought to help a TA understand terminology in the school

  5. Ellen McCann Ellen McCann says:

    This is great to have on hand in your classroom both for your own use and for students.

  6. annabel annabel says:

    Helpful in different terminology used in maths, just so I can quickly refer to Good examples with each term.

  7. cooltea cooltea says:

    very for kid.

  8. Mr shopper KR Mr shopper KR says:

    Great book

  9. Festina Lente Festina Lente says:

    Ce livre est indispensable pour avoir les bases de l anglais en Maths.Il permet de d acqu rir le vocabulaire anglais minimal de Maths comme un enfant de primaire pourrait l avoir en Grande Bretagne.Il est utile en section europ enne anglais au lyc e.Attention l n y a pas d exercices ni de le on, ce ne sont que des mots et leurs d finitions en anglais mais il reste indispensable A noter, il existe dans la m me collection, le dictionnaire des sciences physique, chimie et biologie et c est la m me qualit de travail de l diteur A avoir en parall le de celui ci.

  10. howtoclaimbackppi.co Kunde howtoclaimbackppi.co Kunde says:

    My daughter asked me to buy, because they use at school She is 8 years old and she is uses it all the time.

  11. N P SHARMA N P SHARMA says:

    Must Have