Greyfriars Bobby (Puffin Classics) Audible –

Once you get to grips with the broad Scottish dialect not too difficult if you are willing to invest a bit of effort , this appears to be a simple story about a determined and loyal little dog who refuses to leave his dead master s side However, it is noticeable that many of the heroes of the story are poor children from the slums of nineteenth century Edinburgh, not that any human character comes across as all bad As you follow Bobby through his determined life, you become involved in the intertwined sub plots as to who his new master mistress will be although the dog himself has very definite views on this score The story itself manages to avoid becoming too sentimental, which it so easily could have done. I hadn t read Greyfriars Bobby for many years and am so pleased to have it on Kindle This affectionate story of a wee dogs love and devotion for a man who was not his owner than touches your heart It took a while to understand the dialect but it was a pleasure all the way I saw Bobbys statue when I was in Edinburgh and wished I had a hanky Just as I do now A wonderful and truly decent story. Wonderful TRUE story, amazing when one learns the author NEVER even visited Edinburgh John Grey, a Policeman hence the Skye terrier being called Bobby , in the Greyfriars area of the city had a very faithful compannion A must for anyone who has had a dog for a friend pet Be warned, ou ll need a box of hankies You can pay tribute to the story, by visiting the statue and the grave s , they are a well known and easy to find tourist attraction in the city today. I absolutely loved this charming little story We will be visiting Edinburgh soon and having read this story on my kindle we will definitely visit Greyfriars Bobby s Statue It is a totally heartwarming tale about the wonderful little terrier, what a faithful little creature Bobby was. Still such a great read Once you get a hang of the Scottish way of speaking you will realise his is such a treasure of a book Brought tears to my eyes a dog and his loyalty. Not for me even though I absolutely loved the film I didn t realise this was written in a Scotish accent as much as it is which I found quite distracting I love to hear it spoken and absolutely love Scotland visisted there four times last year I found that I could not read it with continuity spoilt the story for me to be honest.Didn t get past the first few pages. The famous true story of a devoted dog first published in , loved and widely read all over the worldBobby, a sparky silver haired Skye terrier, adopts lonely shepherd Auld Jock, for his master and the two become inseparable When Jock is dismissed by the farmer he tries to find work in the city, but sinks into poverty and dies, having suffered one cold winter too many The farmer tries to reclaim Bobby as a pet for his daughter but the little dog remains faithful only to Auld Jock, guarding his master s grave in Greyfriars Kirkyard in the heart of Edinburgh s old town By day, he plays with the local orphans and eats at a nearby tavern but, in spite of anything even the Lord Provost himself can do, Bobby returns each night to sleep by his master Bobby s devotion changes the lives of those around him and ultimately the conditions of the poor in Edinburgh And as the years go by, the little dog s loyalty is rewarded in a very special way I really love this book, I don t keep many books after I have read them because I don t have the room but I will never part with this one.This is an amazing story which inspired me to name my first dog after Bobby even though she was a girl It also inspired a trip to Edinburgh on a pilgramage to find out where Greyfriars Bobby lived and died I even loved to hear the one o clock gun which plays a big part in the story.This book is a classic. Greyfriars Bobby, what an amazing story about one wee dog, a Skye Terrier, You would suppose the owner was named Greyfriar but that is no the case Nor did he attach himself to his owner, but to one of his employees, a man nick name auld Jock When Jock leaves to live in Greyfriars, wee Bobby follows him, as he did when Jock tended the sheep Bobby is around two years old and his love of Jock is unsurpassable So when Jock suddenly dies, Bobby begins his vigil at Jocks grave by sitting on it every night This is when all the folks of Greyfriars adopt him as one of their own, feeding him when he pays his daily round of visits, yet alway returning to the Kirk as nightfall comes, to once again sleep and guard his beloved Jock Fourteen years Bobby kept up his vigil and visits, till he too joined Auld Jock in the same Kirk as bestowed upon the wee Skye Terrier for his loyalty, and from the love of the townspeople to a wee loyal dog, even to his dead master.