Free Audible The Saga of Erik the Viking (Puffin Books) –

This is the tale of a Viking warrior by the name of Erik But Erik is no ordinary Viking With his trusty band of men he sets sail in search of the land where the sun goes at night but he finds much The Sea Dragon, Dogfighters and giants combine to make his voyage a great saga of thrilling adventuresWritten by Terry Jones, most famous for his membership of the Monty Python team, this is a wonderful tale, expertly spun, which won the Children s Book Award My Y4 class of mixed ability 17 boys 7 girls loved this book Great for character profiling and plot twists Highly recommended to hold children s interest The short chapter format meant the SEN pupils could recall the whole event and access vocabulary beyond their current reading capabilities. For both adults and children over 11 12 Beautifully written and with many layers Very Homeric in many ways, great for teachers too I would guess My 8 year son loved this