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Can Agatha and Sophie find the perfect ending to their story in this epic conclusion to this bestselling seriesOnce best friends, Agatha and Sophie were pulled apart like strangers, each in the arms of a boy, Good with Good, Evil with Evil is their friendship lost forever after But as they settle into their new lives, their story begs to be re written, and this time, theirs isn t the only one With the girls apart, Evil has taken over and the villains of the past have come back to change their tales and turn the world of Good and Evil upside downWith Evers being murdered and Nevers reigning supreme, the girls need to restore the balance, find the end to their story, and hopefully become friends again

5 thoughts on “The School for Good and Evil Collection (Books 1-5) (The School for Good and Evil)

  1. Bobj Bobj says:

    I read one of the later books in this series first, and bought this hoping the earlier titles were less prejudiced But I was shocked at how good and evil beautiful and ugly were still linked directly, and how girls were encouraged to be bitchy to each other and subservient to the boys, who were allowed to be sexually offensive and generally unpleasant Not a series I would want any child of mine to read NOT recommended

  2. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:

    This series is like tye best because eries ever Recommend to anyone who likes romance and comedy and horror books Its a realy interesting book to read LETS HOPE EVERYONE WHO READS THIS COMMENT AND HAS NOT GOT THE BOOK GET IT COZ IT IS WORTH IT FOR THE NEXT COMMENT ABOUT THIS BOOK SAYING YOU LOVE IT ASWELL 5 stars

  3. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    This was the most thrilling fantasy story I have ever read with a clever plotline, relatable and amusing characters and lots of twists and turns along the way I would recommend this book to ages 11 15 because even though it revolves around fairy tales, there is often romantic parts as well The action is fast paced and exciting to read, it keeps me up at night thinking about it once the story deepens and things happen The School for Good and Evil may seem like an innocent magical adventure, but really it has a deep meaning and morals to it Just as a reminder, this book is not for everyone and only people who love fantasy and fairy tales will enjoy it.

  4. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:

    This is an amazing book It is the start of a thoroughly enjoyable series It is wonderfully fleshed out with a diverse world and an exciting, dramatic plotline I love the characters of Hester, Kiko, Reaper and especially Agatha, however I despise Sophie and Tedros Sophie is such a cliche mean blonde girl and yet Agatha won t STOP FORGIVING HER Honestly, she is evil and vain and generally awful for 90% of the book and then at the end the whole book hinges on whether she goes all witchy and evil or chooses Agatha not that she ever does and also whether Agatha chooses evil vain Sophie or her stupid blonde Ken doll of a prince who in later books, SPOILER ALERT is a whiny, pathetic not even king yet because he s a failure of a guy Agatha is a great character, she just has a pathetic boyfriend who regularly cheats on her with her equally trashy, mean girl best frenemy Great book though.

  5. Ik C. Ik C. says:

    I found this book very entertaining and exciting I would recommend it to people aged ten plus who prefer longer books I really enjoyed it, and my favourite characters were Hester, Agatha, Dot and Hester s demon I really didn t like Sophie because she was so mean and vain, but I found her character interesting none the lessI m only giving it four stars because there were a few depressing bits that I didn t like, and one slightly unsettling description of a corpse, but all in all it was very good.Aged eleven