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Cut the Cord and Take Back TVSimple Guide to Sling TV is an empowering guidebook that will teach you the basics of how to subscribe, setup and confidently enjoy Sling TV service on your PC, Mac, HDTV, tablet, smartphone, Roku streaming media players orFire TV streaming media deviceSimple Guide to Sling TV takes a concise, yet comprehensive look at this unique live internet TV subscription service, and explains how both US and international subscribers can easily obtain Sling Television programming with very little expense or effort Why Sling TV Sling TV is great for anyone who wants to cut the cord and enjoy free TV, while supplementing with streaming media devices, effectively eliminating expensive bundled cable and satellite packages Sling TV is an efficient TV without cable option, not requiring super fast internet speeds to work on various devices It s easy to setup and use at home or on the goSling TV apps install quickly and easily, and are available on many different devicesSling TV subscription service is customizable and family budget friendly Live sports channels not previously available to cordcutters can now be accessed via Sling TV Sling TV can travel with you on any device with a Sling TV apps Any internet connection including G networks, can connect to Sling TV service and give you live TV over the internetSling TV has live TV programming from ESPN, ESPN, HGTV, Travel Channel and manygreat channels being added frequently to the base package It works perfectly in combination with an OTA HDTV antenna and a Rokustreaming media player orFire TV stick or similar New supported devices and channels are being added all the time including premium channels Sling TV brings internet TV service to all your devices and allows you to watch some previously aired content as though you had a DVRSling TV is the future of TV, giving subscribers the ability to enjoy TV on their own terms where they want it, when they want it and on at a reasonable price If you are looking for a honest, clearly written, easy to understand how to manual to help you enjoy Sling Television while you dump cable TV, this is the book for you And for eveninformation about how to cut the cord and enjoy supplementing over air broadcast TV with streaming media, check out this author s other Non Technical Guide To Cord Cutting books

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