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There must be something special for a story to reach the top rank of American, and Southern, literature I struggled through the first two sections, the first difficult and the second like Bloom s day walking Dublin The third and fourth sections were less challenging, however, Jason the tattletell grows into a mean racist that rules over the family s faded past There are few symbols to hang themes on or follow through, but the mother s chronic helplessness, Benjy s cosmic howling, and absent, dead or distant family members, paint a picture of compressed hopelessness Read the dialect out loud That helped build my appreciation for Faulkner. What a M bius strip mind flip this was Truly amazing and I m not sure where to begin, not wanting to give spoilers Set in Jefferson, Mississippi, early 20th Century The novel centers on the Compson family, former Southern aristocrats who are struggling to deal with the dissolution of their family and its reputation.It s mostly written using stream of consciousness, run amok So of course I loved it It was a confusing ride at first, until everything fell into place as I read the longest sentence I think I ve ever encountered, and I felt like a balloon popped in my head It is a really great novel, and I ve decided I must read all that Faulkner wrote Wow. The Sound and the Fury is one of the most difficult books I ve ever read I went into it without any context and was very confused and frustrated at times during the first two sections, Benjy s and Quentin s I had to be patient and remember that Benjy was mentally challenged, and Quentin was a neurotic mess I envy Faulkner s ability to build characters through the points of view of other characters Although I wouldn t consider this to be my favorite of his books, I would be mistaken if I didn t regard this as his masterpiece. Although difficult to read in parts, the book takes on a rhythm A window to the harsh realities of the mind set of the old south in its way of thinking in regards to the minority classes A must read for our younger and older generations. The Sound And The Furyis The Tragedy Of The Compson Family, Featuring Some Of The Most Memorable Characters In Literature Beautiful, Rebellious Caddy The Manchild Benjy Haunted, Neurotic Quentin Jason, The Brutal Cynic And Dilsey, Their Black Servant Their Lives Fragmented And Harrowed By History And Legacy, The Characters Voices And Actions Mesh To Create What Is Arguably Faulkners Masterpiece And One Of The Greatest Novels Of The Twentieth Century Divided Into Four Sections, The History Is Narrated By Three Compson BrothersBenjamin, Quentin, And Jasonfollowed By A Section By An Omniscient Narrator