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A Refreshingly Brutal And Imaginative Tale Of Survival And Revenge Evan Winter S Battles Are Visceral, Bloody Masterpieces, And Tau S Climb From Exiled Lesser To Legendary Warrior Is Earned In A Way Few Writers Could Hope To Match David Dalglish, Author Of The Shadowdance SeriesCompelling, Expansive And Rich Winter Has Created An Exciting And Immersive World Of Magic, Vengeance And Wonder Micah Yongo, Author Of Lost GodsA Xhosa Inspired World Complete With Magic, Dragons, Demons And Curses, The Rage Of Dragons Takes Classic Fantasy And Imbues It With A Fresh And Exciting Twist Anna Stephens, Author Of GodblindWow This Book Hits The Ground With Stunning Action And Danger, And It Barely Lets Up As The Pages Fly By I Loved The African Influence Culture, The Unique Use Of Dragons And Demons, The Complex Martial And Class Hierarchy, And It Has A Magic System Unlike Anything I Ve Seen Before What A Terrific Set Up For A Series David Anthony Durham, Author Of The Acacia Trilogy The Rage Of Dragons Is What Fantasy Was Always Meant To Be Winter Will Pull You Into A World Of Revenge, War, And Fire This Isn T Just A Book, It S An Unforgettable Experience Sean Grigsby, Author Of Smoke Eaters And Daughters Of Forgotten LightExpertly Structured With A Keen Eye For Action And Character, The Rage Of Dragons Is A Captivating Epic Heroic Fantasy From A Major New Talent Anthony Ryan, Author Of Blood Song The Rage Of Dragons Takes The Best Parts Of Epic Fantasy And Sets Them In A Refreshing And Inventive New World, A Gripping Tale That Makes Clear The True Cost Of War And Colonialism With One Of The Most Enthralling Hero S Journeys I Ve Read S A Chakraborty, Author Of City Of BrassIntense, Inventive And Action Packed From Beginning To End A Relentlessly Gripping, Brilliant Read James Islington, Author Of The Shadow Of What Was Lost The Rage Of Dragons Is An Uncompromisingly Brutal Fantasy In A Unique, Fascinating World I Want To See A Lot Of Fans Of Anthony Ryan S Blood Song Will Love This Django Wexler, Author Of The Thousand NamesPage Turner Replete With Demons, Dragons, And Really Bad Dreamsfantasy Fans Will Find This An Absorbing, Fast Paced Table SetterKirkus A Captivating Epic Fantasy From A Major New Talent Anthony Ryan, Author Of Blood Song Intense, Inventive And Action Packed From Beginning To End A Relentlessly Gripping, Brilliant Read James Islington, Author Of The Shadow Of What Was LostThe Omehi People Have Been Fighting An Unwinnable War For Generations The Lucky Ones Are Born Gifted Some Have The Power To Call Down Dragons, Others Can Be Magically Transformed Into Bigger, Stronger, Faster Killing Machines Everyone Else Is Fodder, Destined To Fight And Die In The Endless War Tau Tafari Wants Than This, But His Plans Of Escape Are Destroyed When Those Closest To Him Are Brutally MurderedWith Too Few Gifted Left The Omehi Are Facing Genocide, But Tau Cares Only For Revenge Following An Unthinkable Path, He Will Strive To Become The Greatest Swordsman To Ever Live, Willing To Die A Hundred Thousand Times For The Chance To Kill Three Of His Own People THE RAGE OF DRAGONS LAUNCHES AN UNMISSABLE EPIC FANTASY SERIES ABOUT A WORLD CAUGHT IN AN ENDLESS WAR AND THE YOUNG MAN WHO WILL BECOME HIS PEOPLE S ONLY HOPE FOR SURVIVAL Utter And Complete Perfection Winter Has Created An Absolute Masterpiece Of A Novel The Bookbag Intense, Vivid And Brilliantly Realized A Necessary Read Anna Smith Spark, Author Of The Court Of Broken Knives Stunning Debut Fantasy Publishers Weekly Fans Of Anthony Ryan S Blood Song Will Love This Django Wexler, Author Of The Thousand Names A Xhosa Inspired World Complete With Magic, Dragons, Demons And Curses, The Rage Of Dragons Takes Classic Fantasy And Imbues It With A Fresh And Exciting Twist Anna Stephens, Author Of Godblind A Gripping Tale With One Of The Most Enthralling Hero S Journeys I Ve Read S A Chakraborty, Author Of City Of Brass

7 thoughts on “The Rage of Dragons: The Burning, Book One (English Edition)

  1. Nacnac Nacnac says:

    ltimamente me ha dado por leer literatura fant stica, y dentro de la categor a, este es de las mejores opciones Toda la historia sigue al personaje principal, sin saltos en el tiempo ni deviandose hacia acontecimientos paralelos, por lo que la trama se desarrolla a buen ritmo El escenario est bien planteado y es original, sin largas ni complicadas descripciones un poco de historia, marco social y religioso bien definido, y clara justificaci n de las partes enfrentadas El progreso del personaje principal tiene sentido, no hay romanticismo absurdo que interfiera con la historia, ocasionales recursos a la magia en la medida correcta y dentro de l mites razonables En definitiva, evita los errores en los que normalmente caen este tipo de libros Mi nica duda creo que el autor podr a haber terminado aqu la historia, y sin embargo continuar Los personajes que se han ido en el camino, el protagonista que ha alcanzado su m ximo apogeo, la estructura social y pol tica desmantelada, me hacen dif cil imaginar una continuaci n a la misma altura Por curiosidad y como premio a una buena primera parte, voy a por la segunda.

  2. F. Belda Mendez F. Belda Mendez says:

    or you ll miss your stop Action packed and fast moving, I don t know how he made me care about the characters so much from the first few chapters Amazing worldbuilding to boot Just, wow.

  3. Malik Martin Malik Martin says:

    I m not a regular reader of fantasy I don t really watch television any I m the father of a four year old and a corporate lawyer Time is precious In days past, I ve enjoyed mainstream sci fi fantasy classics like Dune, the Ender series, Game of Thrones, as well as newer stuff by Guy Gavriel Kay and random authors I ve come across And I like many enjoyed Gladiator, HBO s Rome, and old school movies like Willow, Conan the Barbarian, Beastmaster, etc I m not really a fantasy guy If I have time to read, mostly stick to Literature with a capital L and non fiction But I do love any story well told.And this is one of them.The prologue captured my attention immediately It took a little time to absorb the new vocabulary and mythology, but it was integrated into the story well enough that the foreign became familiar and then unremarkable.The story centers on Tau Tafari, a commoner who, by dint of perseverance bordering on psychopathy, becomes one of the greatest swordsman of his time or so the reader is lead to believe He is ordinary in everything other than his obsession with seeking vengeance, which by the third act of the book has turned into something else.The book engages with standard themes of sci fi fantasy works that I ve seen The macro issues of conquest, colonialism, inequality, and micro issues of family, fidelity, loyalty, and love It touches on morality and ethics, as the best of these books do The book, like the best of the genre, also introduces the reader to a large cast of characters, each with their own motivations, perspectives, and murky and shifting intentions.At least two things make this book a bit different, however.First, the book is structured to encourage binge reading It is episodic Each chapter takes a little less than an hour to read and has an arc of its own My time is limited these days, so that s particularly satisfying to me By the end, I was shutting my office door to steal a few pages during the work day Second, unlike a lot of fantasy I ve seen, it s not set in some generic Dark Ages medieval world It s set in an African landscape I m Black, so that was also interesting, although, to be honest, the African setting didn t really play into the story much for me On the other hand, it was satisfying for me to imagine characters in this world that might look like me.I write for a living And I could write hundreds of words about this book But your time would be better spent reading it.If you want a complex, compelling and captivating story, but your time budget doesn t allow for hours of uninterrupted reading, this is the book for you Buy this book I did You won t regret it I don t.Disclosure I read an advance copy of this book prior to purchasing it.

  4. G. McKay G. McKay says:

    I don t typically read trilogies series before they re finished, but I ve pretty much read everything fantasy related that s worth reading, and the premise of this book intrigued me I m very glad I read it, and I ll be happy to re read it before the next book is published released This is Glenn Cook level of action fighting sequences Steven Erikson level of character development not quite Erikson level of world building, but every story doesn t need to be Malazan complex This was the coming of age portion of the tale, but it didn t feel like the obligatory boy makes enemy, goes to academy, grows powerful and attempts to slay his enemies simplistic stories There was so much , the social struggle, the love interest, the cosmos creation story, the demon plane, and it all intertwined beautifully The story was told and developed without any of that clumsy monologue ing It s a complex story and it evolves organically from the actions and words.A very well written book, and that s coming from a crusty old guy who s read a thousand or so books in this genre.

  5. Doug MC Doug MC says:

    This is an exceptional book The story of Tau is at once exhilarating in his overcoming of obstacles and his shear obstinancy, but is also deeply disturbing in his obsession and the damage done to his soul It is an indictment of our human willingness to divide one another into Greater and Lesser, civilised and barbarian And it is a very well written and captivating story.There were times when I was unsure if I wanted to continue journeying such a dark path, and yet, every time, I took up the book again.About half way through I was slapped in the face with wonder that there is beauty art love in our world What a miracle that the brutish world of our humanity has achieved so much that is of life and healing and grace.Deep thoughts brought to the surface by this remarkable book.

  6. pickyreader pickyreader says:

    This fantasy is sword than dragon, but, my, what a lot of swordplay there is We have clear cut heroes and villains in a well imagined culture and landscape Its African influence is revealed by many of the names The pell mell pace is augmented by a likable cast of characters The finale opens the door to a sequel where dragons could rage.The writing is of good quality and mostly error free btw 5 star ratings are reserved for literary masterworks only

  7. Adar Adar says:

    This book was great After watching a disappointing Game Of Thrones season, I searched elsewhere for my fantasy fix This book caught my eye and I m glad it did Interestingly set in an African esque culture, it focuses on the struggles of Tau and his obsession with becoming greater than his station as well as his need for revenge All of this happens within the backdrop of a war between his people and an outside army, however the weapons of mass destruction in this case are magic infused goliath warriors, sorcerers that can level an army and of course dragons There s even a pretty cool multiverse that adds to the fun It s an intricate world that the author guides you through and once I got familiar with all of the new concepts, I flew through the pages This is definitely worth the read.I didn t expect much from a 1st time author I like to give little guys a chance , but Evan Winter definitely surprised me and I ll be buying book 2 whenever it comes out.