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After Antonio Confronts Kelby With The Truth, He Thrusts Her Into A Situation She Wasnt Ready For Antonio And Kelby Are Forced To Come Together To Discuss Their Future Their Purely Physical Relationship Transforms Into Something Untraditional After Kelby Doesnt Fall In Line, Antonio Lashes Out At Her In A Way That Could Devastate Them Forever Will Kelby Accept The Severe Change In Their Relationship Or Will She Tell The World What A Jerk The Beloved Antonio Lambrusco Really Is

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  1. mixtapeclothing.co.uk Customer mixtapeclothing.co.uk Customer says:

    I read almost all of Lolah Lace s book, and Heart of Stone is exactly why I do The characters are complex, some may call them a bit crazy But when you read this second book in the series, you get to understand why the male character, Antonio really is a mess He is narcissistic and sometimes cruel, but also caring and supportiveeven if he goes about it in a callous way at times Kelby, the main female character, is young but after much heartbreak due to Antonio s treatment of her, she is starting to realize she needs to pull away The trouble is they just can t stay away Ms Lace is a great story teller The dialogue is snappy, the characters are interesting, and the story line is dramatic BTW, the love scenes are steamy and a bit in your face, but in my opinion that is one of the reasons I read romances instead of just a regular book Also be forewarned, this is a cliff hanger There is a book one which you definitely need to read to get the full story and nuances of this second book The 3rd and final book should be just as explosive as the second Definitely looking forward to it

  2. BeeGee BeeGee says:

    Phew Good lord, this was intense This second book is certainly worthy At this stage Antonio and Kelby s addiction to each was like an uncontrolled roller coaster ride Their relationship was tumultuous, messy, dysfunctional and at times borderline I couldn t get enough and at no time could I predict what would happen next or where the story was going It was fast paced and had me spellbound.At the end of this chapter in Antonio and Kelby s drama filled lives, their relationship were in shambles I m excited to see how they will repair it I m so ready for book 3 If you are like me and like messy dysfunctional and tempestuous stories, then I highly recommend this one.

  3. AllAboutRomance AllAboutRomance says:

    I truly loved the second book The wow factor was on point The drama was sky high The ending had me like ohhhh hell no There were unanswered questions in book one I was so happy to read a lot of things were cleared up Tonio is really screwed up for good reason His childhood wasn t the best I can t wait to see if he redeems himself Hopefully Kelby will get her self together I would definitely recommend this series I can t wait for the last book I ve already preordered my copy.

  4. Curry Curry says:

    Omg I wasn t grabbed by the first.Book two Heart of Stone Lolah Lace you got me This book is a roller coaster ride for your emotions One minute I was likeNoooo, Yessss, What the Hell, Did I just read that Don t do it Shelby, Omg..He s a lunatic Goodness..I love it I will definitely say this book might not be for all Lolah s writing style is unique.I have already purchased book 3 Thank you for another wonderful read.

  5. A L Davis A L Davis says:

    Antonio has a lot of angst, anger and hate centered around his father and his father s obsession with black woman However he can t come to terms with his obsession with one black woman, Kelby The up, down, back and forth he does even after he finds out he s a father is mind boggling A job well done conveying that in this book.