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Hill S Nightmarish, Devilish Protagonist Is Charlie Manx Who Uses His Supernatural Powers In His Ghastly Mission To Kidnap And Kill Dozens Of Children And To Scare The Living Bejesus Out Of The Readers This Book Is Well Written, Extremely Dark And Awfully Gruesome Daily Mail Will Delight Horror Fantasy FansSteven King S Son Has The Same Knack As His Dad For Telling Gruesome Magical Tales MyM Magazine A Deliciously Horrific Fantasythe Work Of A Talented And Evolving Storyteller Whose Pages Sure Do Turn The Skinny Genuinely Scary Independent On SundayCOMING August BRAND NEW SERIES On AMC UK The Channel That Brought You THE WALKING DEADSummer Massachusetts An Old Silver Wraith With A Frightening History A Story About One Serial Killer And His Lingering, Unfinished BusinessAnyone Could Be Next We Re Going To Christmasland NOSR Is An Old Fashioned Horror Novel In The Best Sense Claustrophobic, Gripping And Terrifying, This Is A Story That Will Have You On The Edge Of The Seat While You Read, And Leaving The Lights On While You Sleep With The Horrific Tale Of Charles Manx And His Silver Wraith, Joe Hill Has Established Himself As The Premiere Horror And Supernatural Thriller Writer Of His Generation Me he le do las tres novelas publicadas por Joe Hill y esta es la tercera y la que menos me gust Y que conste que me gust y que recomiendo su lectura, pero No es una obra con la frescura, el morro y la potencia de El traje del muerto o Cuernos A medida que vas leyendo, te vas dando cuenta de que Joe Hill comienza a desbarrar y de que no siempre tiene la cosa perfectamente amarrada Habiendo le do sus dos anteriores novelas, esperaba m s La sigo recomendando, no obstante S , pero porque me he hecho muy fan de este autor Espero impaciente su pr xima novela y espero que vuelva al desparpajo pre NOS4A2 Le doy tres estrellas pero perfectamente podr a haberle dado cuatro o casi cuatro. Como su padre, Joe Hill escribe genial, no deja de sorprenderte con su imaginacion y manera tan viva de presentar sus protagonistas. It reminds and honours King s work, but shines with its own light Thanks for a wlnderful story, really enjoyed it.