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Booklist A Riveting Tale Of One Woman S Quest For The Truth Clark Is A Smart, Entertaining Storytellerher Fans Will Request You Belong To Me In DrovesChicago TribuneYou Belong To MeTrust Me, This Well Known Old Song Will Take On A New Meaning The Next Time You Hear ItClark Is A VirtuosoEntertainment Weekly Mary Higgins Clark Has Nothing To Fearwe Belong To HerA Today Mary Higgins Clark At Her Page Turning BestThe Pace Is Near PanicThe Seattle Times Mary Higgins Clark Is The Doyenne Of American Suspense Fiction, Our Answer To Britain S P D JamesSan Francisco Chronicle The Queenreturns With Another Delicious Hoot Of A Plotand A Nice Surprise In You Belong To MeClark Does Show Her Mettle As A Mystery WriterWe Find The Pages Turning With Increasing SpeedThe Mistress Of High Tension The New Yorker And Undisputed Queen Of Suspense Mary Higgins Clark Brings Us Another New York Times Bestselling Novel That USA TODAY Calls Her Page Turning Best About A Killer Who Targets Lonely Women On Cruise Ships,a Masterful Combination Of Page Turning Suspense And Classic MysteryWhen Dr Susan Chandler Decides To Use Her Daily Radio Talk Show To Explore The Phenomenon Of Women Who Disappear And Are Later Found To Have Become Victims Of Killers Who Prey On The Lonely And Insecure, She Has No Idea That She Is Exposing Herselfand Those Closest To Herto The Very Terror That She Hopes To Warn Others AgainstSusan Sets Out To Determine Who Is Responsible For An Attempt On The Life Of A Woman Who Called In To The Show Offering Information On The Mysterious Disappearance From A Cruise Ship, Years Before, Of Regina Clausen, A Wealthy Investment Advisor Soon Susan Finds Herself In A Race Against Time, For Not Only Does The Killer Stalk These Lonely Women, But He Seems Intent On Eliminating Anyone Who Can Possibly Further Susans InvestigationAs Her Search Intensifies, Susan Finds Herself Confronted With The Realization That One Of The Men Who Have Become Important Figures In Her Life Might Actually Be The Killer And As She Gets Closer To Uncovering His Identity, She Realizes Almost Too Late That The Hunter Has Become The Hunted Is She The Next One Marked For Murder

5 thoughts on “You Belong To Me (English Edition)

  1. Vivienne Vivienne says:

    I found this book quite chilling in parts, but then it is a mystery thriller Women are going on cruises and disappearing when they go ashore, each a different port There were three men who could have been the killer and MHC wrote the book to point to each one So who was it I couldn t make up my mind, until not far off the end when something happened that pointed directly to the killer I have many of MHC s books, and I read them again and again This one will be no different, and at some stage I will go back to read it again It is a classic MHC and I have no problem recommending it.

  2. Diana Faillace Von Behren Diana Faillace Von Behren says:

    Mary Higgins Clark writes a well crafted novel that succeeds in luring the reader in and keeping them turning those pages In You Belong to Me her highly lucrative formula of alternating chapters focusing on the varying third person perspectives works extremely well to keep the reader from guessing the identity of the murderer until Clark sees fit to reveal it at the very end of her story.The plot revolves around likeable call in radio psychologist Susan Chandler who inadvertantly triggers a spree of seemingly unlinked killings when she decides to center a few of her broadcasts on the subject of disappearing women, in particular Regina Clausen, a leading financial analyst who disappeared 4 years earlier without a trace while on a cruise in the Far East As readers, we get a glimpse into the mind of the murderer as he himself listens to the show and strategizes to keep his overall plan a secret by eliminating people who simply get in his way We are privy to police investigations, and the ruminations of private eyes and eye witnesses We walk for a while in the shoes of intended victims and share their horror as the murderer moves along his amoral course without regrets We uncover facts about Dr Susan, immediately understanding that she is undergoing some personal problems of her own regarding her parent s divorce and her father s subsequent marriage to someone she dislikes her mother s ensueing depression and her sister s angry betrayals Most entertaining is guessing which of the three men linked to Dr Susan personally is our deranged serial killer and what motivation has provoked such a terrible vengenance.Clark doesn t disappoint, she keeps you interested until the last page As in her other novels, none of the characters are really developed there are so many of them it would be difficult to analyze each of them thoroughly and stay within the 300 page parameter of the popular novel Nevertheless, the momentum of the story allows you to overlook the lack of indepth characterization Indeed the story itself is the strongest character as is the backdrop of New York and its world of traffic, crowds and taxi rides.Recommended to all lovers of suspense who like a contained story where all loose ends are tied at the climax and denouement in a lovely logical bow.

  3. Nancy L. Shampo Nancy L. Shampo says:

    This book fascinated me, especially when the murderer narrates I started this book many years ago and lost my copy I thought about it many times over the years and finally got another copy and finished it the book is a real page turner.

  4. S. Johnson S. Johnson says:

    I really like this author, for although her books are considered to be romantic thrillers, there is never an obligatory love scene This book is no exception Filled with suspense is my honest opinion As the characters were slowly developed, I found myself settling on THE suspect, only to decide it was the wrong one After about 3 4 of the way I just KNEW that I had figured it out And THEN the plot unfolded and I was quite surprised Anyone who seriously likes Mrs Higgins books will want to read this one for sure I would have given this one 5 stars, for IMHO, it was that good However, I was using the Kindle version and for some strange reason, this one did NOT have the X ray function Thus this rating is about the lack of what I SHOULD have had rather than the book itself Otherwise, it is 5 star in my opinion.

  5. Barbara Black Barbara Black says:

    It was evident this was an early book by Mary Higgins Clark, published in 2000 She had not yet developed the sophistication and expertise found in her recent books, and the characters and relationships were undeveloped Yet it still had the allure of the recent books, and was an interesting plot with somewhat of a surprise ending She is such a captivating writer no matter when the book was published that I hate her books to come to an end.Barbara Black