Collected Into One Volume For The First Time, All Five Installments Of Edward St Aubyn S Celebrated Patrick Melrose NovelsNow An Emmy Award Nominated Part Limited Event Series On Showtime, Starring Benedict Cumberbatch And Blythe DannerEdward St Aubyn Has Penned One Of The Most Acclaimed Series Of The Decade With The Patrick Melrose Novels Now You Can Read All Five Novels In One Volume Never Mind, Bad News, Mother S Milk, Some Hope, And At LastBy Turns Harrowing And Hilarious, This Ambitious Novel Cycle Dissects The English Upper Class Edward St Aubyn Offers His Reader The Often Darkly Funny And Self Loathing World Of Privilege As We Follow Patrick Melrose S Story Of Abuse, Addiction, And Recovery From The Age Of Five Into Early Middle AgeThe Patrick Melrose Novels Are A Memorable Tour De Force The New York Times Book Review By One Of The Most Brilliant English Novelists Of His Generation Alan Hollinghurst

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  1. Helen Helen says:

    Todav a estoy leyendo el segundo volumen, y reproduce el estilo del primero no puedo m s que decir lo mismo que leer n en otras cr ticas Fina iron a y brillante estilo Algunos parr fos son tan sinceros que dan en la diana de las emociones y, de alguna manera, hacen conectar de lleno tanto con el personaje como con el autor.

  2. Rosievdb Rosievdb says:

    A wonderful writer in my opinion, the best contemporary one The five books that make up the Patrick Melrose novels follow the protagonist from his dysfunctional childhood with an abusive father and a passive mother, the death of his father while Patrick is in the throes of his addictions and doomed love affairs, to a hoped for liberation from his tormented relationships after the death of his mother.Throughout the five books of this saga ending with At Last , there s an incredible contrast between the brutality of the content and the elegance of the writing They include a lacerating and very witty depiction of the dying remnants of the upper classes and the opportunism of some of the new agers I only hope that St Aubyn looks after himself so that readers continue to have the pleasure of appreciating of his great talent.

  3. JAIME P. NOS JAIME P. NOS says:

    Porque algunos autores anglof nos pueden describir de forma tan fluida y econ mica sin perder su capacidad evocativa Porque no se pierden en detalles innecesarios para su narraci n y mantienen al lector conectado con el hilo conductor Lean a Edward St Aubyn y encontrar n un ejemplo brillante de esas cualidades.

  4. JohnPrineforPresident JohnPrineforPresident says:

    I have just finished the series of four novels novellas, really that comprise The Patrick Melrose Novels This near 700 page work was, as another reviewer wrote, compulsively readable It is dense and intense material, horrifying sometimes to the point that this reader found it unbearable If there had not been so many glowing reviews by literate people, I would not have persisted beyond those brutally painful sections I am glad that I did persist, however This book these novels are tremendously thought provoking and I am desperate to discuss what does it all mean with other readers and yet there are what almost seem to be cautions to readers from Patrick Melrose the author against reading too much between the lines and then do nothing So I will resist the very strong urge to discuss and simply say that there seems to me to be so much reading between the lines, such complexity and so much of importance in these novels that they are thoroughly worth persisting through to the end Much could be said but I will just say this it is hard to imagine what the author s process was for creating these works they are, after all, autobiographical by all accounts, and it just seems monumental to have been able to be both inside his head and yet able to get outside it to create this tangible product that encompasses so much, an amazing experience of the interior worlds of several characters and the exterior worlds that Patrick Melrose and other characters inhabit The other aspect that I was always aware of while reading these was how immediate the experience was it always felt very much as if one was right there with Patrick or other characters close to him In the hands of smart, wise teachers, these books could be used in a variety of college courses English, of course, but even significantly, psychology, child development, social work and the like, because it seems to me anyway that one of the themes is legacy, inheritance, human development human needs and inheritance in the context of human developmental needs throughout life, childhood to life s end OK, I m starting to read between the lines and will stop now I feel sure this is writing and material that will stay in mind for a very long time I highly recommend these books to good readers, but be prepared fasten your seatbelts it s going to be a bumpy ride but worth it.

  5. Thebookbella Thebookbella says:

    This is a collection of books 1 5 of the Patrick Melrose series.I struggle to rate this series because there were so many good things about this series, I loved Patrick s sarcasm and his humor and I loved the philosophy and the depth so much of this was written in This captured so much about humanity and life It was lovely At the same time this also had a lot of parts I felt dragged a bit for me and so many characters that were terribly shallow that I didn t care for This was a definitely an above average read for me but I also can t say it is a personal favorite.The summaries of the books are as follows NEVERMIND This is the first book in the series and takes place when Patrick is 5 years old We first meet his father and mother before we meet the carefree Patrick who is playing by the well We quickly see that his father is cruel and abusive and his mother is completely uninvolved as she too is victimized by Patrick s father.This was a really good introduction to Patrick s childhood and the people that surrounded him Mostly toxic people, the books introduced several couples The most confusing thing about this is that they didn t always tell me who these people were in relation to the Melrose family until later on It sometimes felt they were on a tangent and I didn t know where it was headed Overall a really good start to the series.BADNEWS We meet back up with Patrick when he is in his early twenties, just after he has discovered his father has died He travels to the states in a herione induced stupor to retrieve his father s body Patrick seems okay with his father s death because he had the abused that was inflicted upon him during his childhood.This was the first episode in the showtime series and the one we have been seeing the most promos for This made us realize early on the damage that was done to an innocent child as Patrick tries to self medicate by popping pills and shooting up cocaine and heroine This was the most entertaining of the stories and my favorite one of the bunch.SOME HOPE We meet Patrick again in his thirties, as a recovering drug addict who is still trying to find alternate ways to heal from his past This story takes us to a social gathering with other English high society members.This story went deeper into some of the dynamics of the English high society and we start to see patterns emerge that are common conduct to others in this realm.MOTHER S MILK This time we are introduced to the story by Robert, Patrick s son He is an articulate and observant child who delves in to what I mean to be connected to a mother This becomes a sort of philosophy all it own and we see where Patrick falls on this continum Patrick, never having had a strong bond with his mother, feels both the pull of his wife to his children and his desire to be a good father and offer them the things he never had His relationship with his wife is strained by this especially by the second son, Thomas who forms a closers bond.This is the longest book of the series, and while it is important to see who Patrick is in relation to his mother, it was tedious read as there was so many details I felt had been brushed over before.AT LAST Patrick is now in his late thirties and is attending a funeral This was a suitable wrap up for the series as we get to re meet many people we have already met in previous stories.While I enjoyed this addition it was some review to things we had touched upon before.

  6. MJfromNJ MJfromNJ says:

    Surely, the author had a horrible life thanks to his 2 horrible parents To his credit, he tries to be a good father to his own children But so much bloviating Pages and pages of I guess philosophic discussion that lead nowhere Virtually every person in these books is repugnant in his her own way Even the children got on my nerves Were they really capable, at age 2, of intelligently discussing philosophical ideas, doing incisive imitations of adults in the family s circle, etc Most 2 year olds can t string together than 5 or 6 words to make a sentence, and I m being generous with that amount I struggled to the finish, but I admit I skimmed a lot I d rather have my money back.