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CHAPTERINTRODUCTION RESEARCH QUESTION AND THE AIM OF THE STUDY INTRODUCTION In this Introductory Chapter, a first exploration of the subject of this study will be made In Section, the most important developments relevant for this study in the process of globalisation from the Second World War until now will be discussed in order to explore the effects of these developments on trafficking in persons in S tion In Section, the research question will be discussed on the basis of the two main disparities in this study, namely, the disparity between the fact that tr ficking in persons is a crime with a transnational element and the fact that strategies to combat it are based on national competences, and the disparity between the ava ability of a great number of strategies to fight and prosecute trafficking in personsand the unwillingness or inability to use them efficiently The aim of this study will be discussed in Section Finally, the structure of this study will be set out in S tion RELEVANT DEVELOPMENTS IN THE PROCESS OF GLOBALISATION A new period in the process of globalisation is reflected in various developmentsthat have taken place over the lastyears The globalisation of socio economic relations throughout the world characterises this period