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For a clear understanding of the legal protections and remedies available to employers and workers in Canada, this convenient survey and analysis is ideal Although it may be said that there are eleven distinct systems of labour law in Canada encompassing ten provinces and the Federal government the authors ensure depth of treatment by focusing on common policy themes and typical legal solutions, with significant departures noted in whatever province or area of law they may arise However, the relevant law of the three most populous and influential provinces Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia is covered in particular detail, as is Federal labour legislation and case law Among the important areas of Canadian law and practice emphasised are the following the tension between trade union power and business flexibility collective labour law and individual employment law the effect of the North American Free Trade Agreement the central place of the legal concept of the employment contract labour standards legislation the influence of theCharter of Rights and Freedoms court intervention in labour law, both under common law principles and Quebec s civil code the role of labour relations boards and judicial review of administrative decisions and arbitration awards As an accurate and usable guide for lawyers not expert in Canadian law, Labour Law in Canada is without peer It will be of particular value to business investors and their counsel