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Classic Noh, Kyogen and Kabuki WorksNothing reflects the beauty of life as much as Japanese theater It is here that reality is held suspended and emptiness can fill the mind with words, music, dance, and mysticism AL Sadler translates the mysteries of Noh, Kyogen, and Kabuki in his groundbreaking book, Japanese Plays A seminal classic in its time, it provides a cross section of Japanese theater that gives the reader a sampler of its beauty and powerThe power of Noh is in its ability to create an iconic world that represents the attributes that the Japanese hold in highest esteem family, patriotism, and honorKyogen plays provide comic relief often times performed between the serious and stoic Noh plays Similarly, Sadler s translated Kyogen pieces are layered between the Noh and the Kabuki playsThe Kabuki plays were the theater of the common people of Japan The course of time has given them the patina of folk art making them precious cultural relics of Japan Sadler selected these pieces for translation because of their lighter subject matter and relatively upbeat endingsideal for a western readership More linear in their telling and pedestrian in the lessons learned these plays show the difficulties of being in love when a society is bent on conformity and paternal ruleThe end result found in Japanese Plays is a wonderful selection of classic Japanese dramatic literature sure to enlighten and delight

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